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A Dangerous pit

By Datzy Uchetzton
Disobedience is a dangerous pit which many had fallen into from ages.  Some lived to regret it in their life time, and some never had the opportunity to live to regret it.It had turned many lives into a nightmare. And many lives had been wasted due to disobedient.

There are laws or rules guiding everything in life, and failing to adhere to them spells doom.

To enter the kingdom of heaven, one have to repent and be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ, Acts.2:38,and without this it`s hell fire.
It`s the disobedient of Adam that brings man to the state of spiritual death today.

Paul`s disobedient distroyed him,  1Sam.15:1- 28.So, the Bible says,”….. to obey is better than sacrifices, and to hearken than the fat of rams, 1Sam.15:1b.

By Datzy Uchetzton

A Contributing Writer for theholystory.com

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