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A HOMILY essay

By Richard L. Provencher

Children are takers, when an offering is made. And as adults we are happy to oblige under certain conditions. Children are not immune to constantly reaching for the goodies of lifecandy, toys, and clothes—under the watchful gaze of their parents.

As they grow older, wisdom through chores, study and relationships is acquired. Sometimes painful experiences are harsh, but each footstep forward is a blessing, like shadows beneath a spreading fir tree.

And our young soon come to realize life is a series of give-and-take and how decisions affect their future. Childhood can be likened to an impetuous plunge into adventures not fully aware consequences may come at a high price.

Thankfully, for their protection, moms and dads are often good mentors.

As the young ones mature they discern not only limitations in parents, or close loved ones but of themselves. Yes, it is a shock for them to see above the innocence of their youth, to see the wants and foibles of mankind. And to be aware of how uncertain the world turns.

But today’s generation has the overwhelming advantages in an array of choices. They have the opportunity to gather steam from the most advanced of educational systems and move forward, regardless of any unseen turns in the economy.

Desirable positions are available to provide a most comfortable living, with the fruits of success as a reward.

When older age creeps upon them, discerning ones realize God is the driving force in life. Yes, they begin to acknowledge there is such a thing a devil in the world, called materialism.

Through deception and sad events, they might have been corrupted to the allure of life. Because of prayer, love and trust, personal weaknesses are overcome.

Christian maturity helps them develop a genuine desire to be used as a vessel of God’s mercy and love. His caring and forgiveness leads to a future with Him.

And only through God, their lifetime of work and sacrifice is a genuine discovery of personal satisfaction.

* * *

Richard & Esther Provencher 2008

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Article Source: http://www.faithwriters.comCHRISTIAN WRITERSMAKE A WEBSITE

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