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A Prayer for All Sisters of the World

By Sheila Mills

Father, I pray for my sisters who are walking through life with broken spirits, battered self-images and untouched souls. I ask that you bless them mercifully and gracefully with wholeness, completeness, wonder and a spirit of awe. I pray for their eyes to be opened in the place that they currently find themselves living to see the new place awaiting them, a city sitting on a hill for your glory.

I pray for the shackles to be broken and for the release from shattered dreams, shadowed visions, clouded minds and stormy spirits. I lift up every Kingdom sister as a point of contact and I ask for reconciled relationships to bring all of your daughters into the fold. I pray for your Kingdom daughters to be a sister’s sister to each woman whose path they cross under your anointed and divine ordering of our steps.

Father, I pray for my sisters to be free of anger, depression, addictions, loneliness, darkness, doubt, fear, unbelief, unforgiveness, hatred, jealousy, low self-esteem and every defeating spirit.

Father I pray for my sisters to be starved and panting for the fruits of your lips, the bread of life and the streams of healing waters.

Father, I pray that you will shift my sisters from every place of darkness to an atmosphere of light. I pray that your spirit will glitter and sparkle throughout my sister’s countenance.

Father, I pray that you will let my sisters know that you have heard their cries and that you are awaiting them at the turning point of the midnight of their old lives. Speak now and let my sisters know that you have dawned a new morning of grace and favor. Father, please let my sisters know that just as numerous as the stars of night, so is your grace towards them at the breaking of day.

Father, I pray that my sisters will grant you full access to their inner being so that they can rise and soar with you in heavenly places here on earth.

I now declare MY SISTERS to be .unbroken, healed without scars and touched by your presence.

In the name of Jesus—-AMEN.

I am a published Christian author, “Crossing Your Jordan In Faith.” My passion is intercessory prayer and inspiring others to discover their Kingdom-life purpose. My kingdom life message for every test is “I am coming out of this! Act, plan, think and talk like it’s already done!


Article Source: http://www.faithwriters.comCHRISTIAN WRITER

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