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A Spiritual Solution

Here is a note I thought quite a few of us would like to read.

It’s about the U. S. elections, our politicians and the divisiveness of politics.



I have never been very “politically minded”, even though I have at
times tried to voice strong opinions around political matters. ‘Guess
it’s just not me.

As I watch the increasingly divisive nature of conversations between
Americans of all political persuasions, I am becoming more convinced
that we are all on the wrong tract.

“One nation, under God”, “E pluribus unum”, “In God We Trust”…Where
have we gotten the idea that combativeness is the solution to problems
that have a Spiritual solution?

Our founders knew it.

They left oppressive environs for the allure of freedom available
here. They faced untold hardships because they believed that “all men
were created equal”.

The venom of our words about the two presidential candidates indicates
one thing and one thing only to me…

FEAR is the motivator behind attacks.

We are afraid we’ll lose something we have or that we won’t get
something we want. Is our government the provider of these things? No,
of course not. God is the provider!

The problems we face in our world, the United States, our states, our
schools, our homes and most importantly, in our own lives have a
Spiritual Solution.

A Spiritual Solution is found only when we look within to God, Who is
present in some amount in every human being, whether that human’s “God
Qualities” are easy to see on the surface or hard to discern through
the thick layers of fear, anger and defensive posturing.

Could we just pray?

Could we just pray and KNOW that God is in charge and that we need to
adjust ourselves to His Will for us to love, accept and prosper
TOGETHER rather than individually?

Could we just pray, then?

Could we just pray and be interested in the good of all instead of the
fear that we will be cheated?

Could we just pray, then?

Could we just pray for a forgiving attitude, and a humble heart that
realizes that there is NO WAY that we, as humans have all the answers?

Could we just pray, then?

Could we just pray that our country will reunite UNDER GOD and His
ideals for us rather than dominate our political opponents, our
country’s adversaries, and folks that “don’t think like we do”?

Could we just pray, then?

Could we just pray that we will think less like our little “selves”
and more like our God?

So, BEFORE tomorrow’s election, and AFTER tomorrow’s election…

Could we just stop fighting, scratching and clawing and…


David & Charlsa Perdew

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