About Us and The Holy Story

This site, The Holy Story.com, is the brainchild of Mary Anne and Will.  We’re just a couple of folks that likes to learn as much as possible about the bible, it’s stories, and the history of it.  Our beliefs in mankind have been shaped by a combination of what we’ve read in the good book, what we’ve been told by those who’ve studied this before us, and what we’ve seen with our own eyes.

In learning about and reading the bible, one can learn about Jesus, his life and some of the things he expects of all of us.

It’s the interpretation of all those verses and books and stories that has spawned so many different religions and beliefs that make the study of this subject so fascinating to us.  We hope to pass on some of that excitement and fascination to all who come here.

We also hope to bring you some of the “forgotten treasures” that deal with Jesus Christ, his life and the stories that go along with him.

We welcome your interpretations and beliefs and ask that you register as a subscriber here on the blog and let us know how you feel and what you think.

Mary Anne and I are looking forward to our journey and meeting our brothers and sisters in God’s word along the way.

Thanks for coming today and please come back often.  We’re all looking forward to your visits.


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