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Above Any Other Name

By Datzy Uchetzton

I think the most spoken of name on earth today is the name, “JESUS CHRIST”.  Nearly all the human occupied world call this name or have heard of it (but may have not accepted it into their life).
To some the name is nothing but one of those names given to a child when born.  And to some it is a name to respect given to one of the religious founders.
And to some the name means salvation and powerful tool to crush satan,and turn him into a toothless tiger in their life.
But to me however,
It is victory
It is hope
It is joy
It is peace
It is wealth
It is freedom
It is life
It is glory
It is mercy
It is love
It is strength
It is fulfilment
It is grace
It is eternal life
It is power
It is healing
It is prosperity
It is promotion
And friends, it is  the begining and end of all in all.  For no one can be saved without this name,Rom.10:13,says, “for whosoever shall call on the name of the Lord (Jesus) shall be saved”

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