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An Angel?

By Rick King

Nov 17, 2007

By: Rick L. King

Years ago I had a motorcycle that I would ride often. One particular day I had quite an experience.

I had friends that lived six miles away from the little town in Illinois where I was living at that time. I went for a visit and had a great time as usual. On the way home I had an impression to watch out ahead. Here I was peacefully riding the motorcycle and here is this alarm in my spirit. I looked ahead yet couldn’t see anything that would be a danger. I didn’t reduce speed as I was actually going the speed limit. Then, all of the sudden I saw a dead dog in the middle of my lane. By the time I saw the dog it was too late. My front tire hit the dog and I went airborne. The back tire never hit the dog. The motorcycle was weaving back and forth in mid air and I had no control over where it was going to go. I saw approaching cars and thought I’m in trouble here. I wasn’t sure that I was going to live through this one. I got a surprise.

All the sudden the motorcycle quit weaving and landed gently on the pavement at 55 miles per hour. I rode on into town and then just stopped and parked. I got off the bike and shook once I had realized what had really happened. I looked at the front fork (the part that holds the front wheel on and has shock absorbers of sort for those unfamiliar with what a fork is) and noticed that it had collapsed further than ever as I saw the clean spot on the metal. I can’t prove it, nor did I see anyone or thing, but I knew that God had protected me by either sending an angel or just intercepting me in my dilemma. Either way, I know that God did intervene in some way or I don’t believe that I would be here today to write this.

I sure learned a great lesson that day also. When the Holy Spirit puts a word of caution in me, I will listen next time.
Please contact me at (r_king60) r_king60@hotmail.com if you have any comments. Thank You.

I am a 60 year old Born-Again spirit filled Christian, that has been saved for 30 years. Jesus found me when I was suicidal. I learned real quickly that I was powerless to be in control of my life, so I let Jesus take over. He has chosen me to be a warrior for Him. WE win, if we fight His way.

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