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Becoming Connected to the Truth of Who You Are

by Drs Bil and Cher Holton

It sounds exciting that we desire to be totally connected – that we increase our spiritual might simply by giving all we have to Spirit. But that really scares a lot of people. They think you have to go to a mountaintop somewhere, or escape into the wilderness in order to be that committed. But nothing could be further from the truth!

The reality is we are always connected, regardless of where we are or what we are doing. We cannot be not connected to Spirit! The issue is that we are not always grounded in that awareness of our connection ~ and that’s when we experience a feeling of separation. So to really increase our MIGHT, we must become so completely grounded in our awareness of our oneness with spirit that no outer appearance can throw us off balance. Then it becomes a way of being to live life full out!

A great analogy of this is the ocean and the wave. They are one, and cannot be separated, yet each wave is unique and individual. However, it is still a part of the ocean. You can take a sand bucket and bring some of the ocean water home collect some of the ocean water to take home – and you know that although it is separated, it’s still the ocean. But a wave can no longer do what waves are destined to do, unless it is where it’s destined to be in and of the ocean. Only as a part of the ocean can waves live life full out!

It is the same with us! We are in and of this daily life we have chosen to live. Our job is to allow our Divine nature to unfold as we live our life full out! When we have that solid grounding in our oneness, it becomes a way of life for us to give our all to Spirit.

The question remains: How do we do that? We’d like to suggest three ways you may want to try. It is the “3-S Formula for Living Life Full Out!:


You create a solid grounding in Spirit by spending time in the Silence. The connection gets stronger even if you think nothing is happening.

It’s like going to Weight Watchers! You stick to the eating plan, and each week you go in and get weighed. You may not feel any lighter – but you find out you are a mere half a pound lighter! It is so minuscule you almost laugh it off. But a few months of this, and all of a sudden you are able to wear a pair of jeans that were uncomfortably tight, and suddenly they feel great! You didn’t comprehend what was actually happening, until you performed some kind of action that made it real.

Spending time in the Silence is sort of like that. What you are doing is putting your Intuitive Connection on Alert. You’ll find that by spending time in the Silence, you begin getting messages, insights, ideas, strength, wisdom, things you need. By giving time to Spirit, you gain a life of spiritual growth, inner peace, and pure joy.


Albert Schweitzer said, “I don’t know what your destiny will be, but one thing I do know: the only ones among you who will be really happy are those who have sought and found how to serve.”

What’s amazing is that all of us can give. Everyone has gifts, talents, opportunities to help others. We just need to be aware that there are some things an individual can’t do on their own. Here’s something to consider – Research says that people are able to hold more weight in one hand than the other. In fact, we bet we can think of something you can hold in your right hand that you cannot hold in your left hand, regardless of how strong you are! Ready? Stretch out your left arm – and bend it. Next, place your left elbow so it is sitting on your right hand. Okay – you are now holding your left elbow in your right hand. Let us see you hold your left elbow in your left hand!! See – there are certain things we just cannot do on our own!

It’s incredible – whenever you are experiencing a sense of self pity, or going through a difficult time, one of the best remedies is to do something for someone else! It transforms your whole viewpoint!

There are lots of opportunities to serve: community projects; volunteering; visiting people in need or sick; taking food to a family in need. A first grade class in Green Bay WI saved their chore money and bought 22 baby books for a hospital’s newborn intensive care unit. A group of nursing home residents hand sewed quilts, which they donated to a homeless shelter in Ohio.

Giving and receiving is a cycle, and we become a part of that cycle through giving. It need not be money. (A friend of ours observed that it was much easier for her to tithe when she had a little money than when she got a windfall!)

By giving to Spirit through sharing, you claim a permanent spot in the cycle of giving and receiving!


We know – this sounds weird! But give us a chance to explain! What do you think about with snacks? Feeding yourself, in delightful ways that bring you joy! The snacks we’re including in this formula are low calorie/high Consciousness ones. Snacks like making time to feed yourself spiritually, by taking in books, classes, retreats, labyrinth walks, or group discussions.

The neat part is, just like food snacks, spiritual snacks become addictive. You find that the more you snack, the more you desire! And the more you desire, the more you snack! And the more you snack, the stronger your grounding in Spirit, the stronger your awareness of NO separation! And that changes the way you THINK – the way you ACT – the way you live your life! When you hit life’s little problems – or the BIG ones – they just can’t throw you off center! You are grounded, and able to stand firm in Truth.

This week, make your adventure to live life full out by give your whole self to Spirit! As you strengthen your grounding in Spirit, you’ll increase your spiritual might by practicing Silence sharing and spiritual snacking. We guarantee that your time will reap millions in spiritual currency. Don’t settle for a penny less!

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