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Becoming His Temple

By Abby Kelly

I used to wonder why God gave Moses so many intricate details for the construction of the tabernacle. He specified the size and shape of the Ark of the Covenant down to the inch. He dictated the color of thread to be used on the priest’s garments. Reading Exodus 25 can be tedious.

Admittedly, I’ve often scanned the first couple words of every three verses and considered the chapter read. But this morning, I stopped long enough to ask God why, and He took the time to answer me.

“Dear One, I scripted every detail of my tabernacle so that you can know how precisely I created you and every moment of your life. You are my temple now, I dwell within my people. Just as I chose the twisted linens and elegant engravings in my tabernacle, so I have intentionally laid within you every colorful skill, every blossoming dream, every beautiful nuance. I carved out your place in my world, too. You belong here, being exactly who you are, living out My love for you.”

I’m a bit stubborn. I think most of us are, trying to wedge ourselves into all the crevices that we think we could or should fill. So God has to humble us before we will listen to Him. For me, that was in the bowels of anorexia.

For years after recovery, I only saw that long episode of my life as wasted. Years wasted by a worthless failure. How could years that are lost to a malnourished memory hold any promise of future value?

They say that the flip side of our weakness can be our greatest strength. Perhaps the flip side of stubbornness is durability. There’s always a purpose in the pain that God allows into our lives. Often, that pain serves to knock off our rough edges, humble our hearts and teach us to lean into Jesus. It’s through pain that God shows us His kind intention for us.

My pastor once said, “Do you wonder what your ministry is, or what God wants you to do with your life? List the three most difficult things you’ve faced, I’ll show you your ministry.”

Through the confusing and bruising years of my eating disorder, God has shown me my purpose and given me a voice to other women struggling with the same things. After that experience, I can joyfully see how God planned my life with the finest detail. I know now that it was with care and purpose that He laid the plans for my life, plans to prosper and give me a future. Just as He intricately explained the tabernacle to Moses, so He intricately planned every second of my life.

I am a Christian blogger and freelance writer living in Georgia. My husband is an Army officer, so our frequent moves pepper my writing with a wide variety of experiences and observations.

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