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Bought with a Price – Twice Mine

By Jerry Ousley

I always liked zoos. When we were children we came up with a wonderful idea; we decided that we would catch all the animals we could and set up a zoo in our backyard. We would proudly display the animals and charge for people to come in and see them. Of course our animals were limited to the bugs we could catch, along with toads and frogs. However, one older neighbor had an interest in snakes and spiders and he allowed us to use one of his snakes (I hate snakes and was really glad that it was in a glass cage). He also had managed to get a tarantula spider which we also displayed.

Everything was going great. A lot of the neighborhood kids came to see our zoo. As the day grew toward a close we wondered what we were going to do with all those animals. We probably let most of them loose, returned the snake and spider to their rightful owner, but then one of us (I’m not sure which one) decided that we could sell some of them. So we put a price on the cages.

The frogs were the most popular. We sold two or three. One girl decided that she wanted a frog (which is out of character for most girls; maybe she thought she could privately kiss it later and it would turn into a prince). She paid us for the frog but wanted to stick around for a while and asked if we could keep it for her. We readily agreed.

My cousin was working the zoo with us and he was approached by another boy who also wanted a frog. But the only one left was the one the girl had bought. He sold it again! The boy took his prize and left. When the girl returned, her frog was, alas, gone. What a predicament! We didn’t want to refund her money so the end of the day found us down by the swamp where we caught another frog for her.

She wanted her frog because she had paid for it. It was bought with a price. That particular frog that was sold twice was a popular frog! But he reminds me of us. Not that we look like or even act like frogs, but that it was bought twice. Do you know that when we come to the Lord in salvation that we have been bought twice?

I’ve often told the story of the little boy and his sail boat. He had built this boat with his own hands. He had spent a lot of time on it and had painted it displaying his favorite colors. The boy had even taken a piece of his favorite t-shirt and made a sail out of it. He was proud of his little boat.

He took it to the river for a sail. It floated just as he knew it would. It looked magnificent out on the water. Suddenly the current grabbed the boat and it floated out of his reach. He chased it down the bank of the river hoping to catch it but soon it was out of sight. He had lost his boat.

Months later he was walking downtown and as he passed a certain odds and ends shop he stopped dead in his tracks. There in the display window was a little sailboat. He looked it over carefully and finally determined that it was his own boat. Bursting inside the store he immediately asked the proprietor how much he wanted for the little boat in the window. Pulling out every penny he owned he paid for the boat, took it outside, then hugged it close to his chest as he said; “Now you’re twice mine.”

We were created by God but we all strayed away from Him. When we come to Jesus Christ, because of the price he has paid for us, He hugs us close and tells each of us, “Now you are twice mine!”

Jerry D. Ousley is the Author of five books, “Soul Challenge”, “Soul Journey” “Ordeal” “The Spirit Bread Daily Devotional” and his first novel “The Shoe Tree.” Listen to the daily broadcast Spirit Bread. Find out more by visiting http://www.spiritbread.com

or email us at jousley@spiritbread.com

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