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Challenge or Opportunity?

By Sandor Balog

Imagine the following situation: you are offered an opportunity to earn 1bn dollars in a biblical research project, being given a maximum period of one year in which to determine the exact calendar dates of the major events of Jesus’ earthly life, His birth, baptism, death and resurrection. A budget of 100 million dollars is put at your disposal for hiring historians, theologians, clergymen and any other highly qualified, world-renowned experts from any part of the world, inclusive of their remuneration, travel, accommodation and other expenses, and for buying any ancient and modern books and documents you may deem necessary. The only stipulation is that you may not have access to the book written by Attila B. Magyar in any version or format whatsoever, nor to any essays or articles written by Sandor Balog. (The reason being that the solution to the task is included in these writings.)

Once you accept the challenge, you have to face the consequences of failure: if you were unable to determine the required calendar dates, you would lose your salvation. There is a big prize on the one side and a fatal loss on the other.

Well, it is a rather strange imaginary challenge. But reality can be much simpler: forget about the challenge and all the big money! You can have free access to Sandor Balog’s article “How Could Jesus Have Spent Three Days and Three Nights in the Tomb?” available at Faithreaders, Bible Studies and/or you can have Attila B. Magyar’s book, also downloadable in pdf format from Faithwriters, at a very low price.

As regards salvation, we, of course, may only speak of possibilities. As the Bible says, everything depends on God’s mercy, so you cannot take anything for granted it is not a deal! Anyway, Jesus said that the three days and three nights, i. e. the sign of Jonah, would be the only sign He gave. Believing or not believing in that sign may well be a yardstick for Jesus to “measure” our faith in Him when separating “the sheep from the goats”.

So, kindly consider the aforesaid, take this opportunity and read at least the freely available article by Sandor Balog on the issue of the three days and three nights. I do hope that, by these words, I have been able to reach your Response Threshold (LOL). God bless you!

By Sandor Balog

Copyright: free

Word Count: 393

URL: http://www.magyarbattila.hu

Sandor Balog (pen name: Attila B. Magyar), author of Palm Wednesday.

Article Source: http://www.faithwriters.comCHRISTIAN WRITER

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