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Christians and Churches

By Leonard Granger

LEN’S LINES — A Little Religion On A Positive Note By Leonard Granger

Christians and Churches

When we think of Christians, the followers of Jesus Christ, what comes to our mind. We are Christians first then we often add a label, that man has attached based on what church we attend. There are many different Protestant churches for those Christians not belonging to the Roman Catholic Church or the Eastern Orthodox Church. God gives us a wide choice of Churches to attend as we seek to find the Lord’s direction for our life.

It reminds me of when our family was in need of a new auto. We would go searching for a car that would meet our needs as our family grew to six children. My wife, when we visited several auto dealers, would be drawn to a certain color or interior design, while the kids were more interested in the sound system, and I would ask about the engine gas mileage and horsepower. There seemed to be so many available suitable automobiles that would satisfy our families need. We would never make a decision on the spot but would all have a family discussion later at home. Then my wife and I would sleep on it and I would spend time in prayer with the Lord that night and I am sure my wife did also. The next day or so we would usually receive a call from the salesmen to ask about our decision.

The Christian life is a filled with decisions as we try to follow in the footsteps of our Lord Jesus Christ. As we study God’s Word the Bible, we seek to discover the right church that will give us peace with the Lord as we worship him and pray for his direction. When we have located that church, a peace comes over our soul and we thank the Lord in our Prayer. Yes, we are happy we have a personal relationship with the Lord and can talk to him in prayer at any time.

God floods us with all kinds of blessings as we are in his loving arms and we are his child. We may see Physical Blessings, Material Blessings and Spiritual Blessings that we never dreamed could possibly come our way. We realize whatever happens today and tomorrow is not something we can foresee. Only God knows the plan for our life, the danger and hardships we may encounter, the joys and the happiness that lies ahead, and how long we will be able to serve our Lord on the earth before he calls us home.

Yes, there are many decisions for us to make in our lives, just like picking out the car of our dreams. Let us put our trust in the Lord and we will be in very safe hands.

This coming Sunday, let us all join in the church of our choice to worship and hear God’s word as he speaks to us through his servant, the Christian Pastor, Priest, or Rabbi. God Bless America

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