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Christians Awake 092210

By Stanley Davis

Christians Awake, the bell has rung and the trumpet has sounded!

In a time we all need to pull together and get this country back on course. It would appear Obama has other plans. He is still trying to divide the American people, and he is doing a great job. In his hope to destroy this country he continues in his quest to also deny the very foundation of our nation. That being God Almighty! Think Obama, we would not be a country if not for God. Have you noticed when he is making speeches to various groups here in America and around the world he will not acknowledge Jesus Christ or God as creator. He will however acknowledge the Muslims; “Allah”. He seems to be well versed with ideas and philosophies to get around the truth.

He is helped on this journey with the liberal state run media who are proud to put down Christianity in every way. The words he uses to proclaim his intended purpose sound to some wonderful and others dreadful. It leaves the truth somewhat disillusioned in the minds of our youth. It makes them question; is there another way? Of course the answer is simple, NO! Our next generation already has a hard time accepting there is a God and that Christ is his only born son. The very fact of Obama recognizing other religions and claiming this nation as a multi-religious community is appalling and destroys what our forefathers set up. The truth is what needs to be spread.

There is only one way, the way Jesus Christ paved with his life. If Obama wants to rule the world he needs to pick another country because as Christians and Americans we see through his charade. The change he shouted from podiums all across this country to win votes for his victory as President of the United States is real. It is working hard to be accomplished. That change is the total removal of Christ and Christianity. That in turn will destroy America altogether. The time to stand is now. Today is the day of Salvation! Get up and get in to the battle.

Stanley Davis, Author, Writer, and Minister.

email: stanleyjdavis@gmail.com


Author of “Hot leads and cold cases”, (from the case files of Peter Stone) series, A message to the Church

Minister at Servant Heart Minsitries in Alabama

Article Source: http://www.faithwriters.comCHRISTIAN WRITERMAKE A WEBSITE

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