Daily Reflections

Today, we are starting a new “self-help” page called “Daily Reflections.”

We hope these “articles” will help you as they have already helped others to lead lives they feel are more complete and more filled with The Lord’s approval and encouragement.

On this page, probably every other day (to begin with) we will post a note for all and a few questions to help you (and us…we’ve already begun working with these!) lead fuller, happier, more complete lives.  At least we sincerely hope these Holy Story Daily Reflections help with that goal!

Thank you for coming by today and we hope to see you again very soon!

William and the whole gang here at TheHolyStory.com

Tranquility and inner solitude rejuvenates my soul.

A quiet and tranquil location.

A quiet and tranquil location to listen to God and recharge my inner self.

I take time with the Lord and myself by retreating from the noise of life.  We (God and I) find a quiet place where I can find tranquility and inner solitude. Daily, I make it a point to turn off distractions, so I can focus on what the Lord has going on inside my heart and mind. When I reflect upon my life, and I listen very closely to God, I am able to improve who I am.

My Inner peace is reflected outwardly through my actions. My countenance reveals the serenity which is hidden deep inside of me. When I am at peace within my soul, I am able to accomplish more than I ever imagined.

I live every day of my life with the Lords help and a tranquil spirit; free from stress. The small annoyances of daily life are incapable of stealing my peace because my relationship with the Lord allows me to focus on the bigger picture. When I take things lightly and guard myself from worry, I preserve my health. My heart and soul are healthy when I let go of the negative quickly and only hold onto the positive things.

Tranquility refreshes my soul as my belief in the Lord washes away all my anxiety and fear. I am bold and confident in my future when I quiet all the other voices around me and listen to the voice of God, that speaks of my destiny.

There comes a point where I must stop trying to make sense of everything and simply rely on faith. Inner solitude is that place which rescues me from the pit of the mundane.

Today, I choose to drown out the noise all around me and focus on God’s voice calling my name. I will try to turn away from all distractions and enjoy quiet time within myself.

Self-Reflection Questions:
1. Am I tuning in to the right voice?
2. How can I turnoff the noise around me and find tranquility?
3. What are my actions saying about the state of my inner being?

I allow others to love me.

I exude confidence because I am proud to be the person that the Lord has molded me into. That confidence helps me

Couples enjoying the sunset from the beach

I Am Loved

accept the love that others offer. I know that others can genuinely love me because I am worthy of love.  The Lord tells me so!

Because I am loved and worthy of love, I can love others unconditionally and without restrictions!  Thank you Lord!

My friends and family love me just the way I was created. I receive their friendship with arms wide open and I hold onto them tightly.

Those closest to me know that I welcome their affection because I make them feel comfortable when they are near. I embrace those I love with warmth and fondness each time I greet them.

I open myself to others because friendships are my life’s greatest treasures. My friends and family know their love is appreciated by the way I receive them. I welcome their love with freedom and trust.

I know that I am forgiven and accepted just the way I am. I remove expectations from my mind when meeting new people and I allow others to be themselves around me.

I give love therefore I receive love. When others smile at me, I smile back as a way to communicate to them that I welcome friendship and love.  “This is my commandment, that Ye love one another, as I have loved you.” (John 15:12, King James ver.)

Today, I choose to receive the love that others share with me with open arms. I attract people with my positive attitude.  I can share my love and receive their love with sincerity because of my relationship with the Lord.

Self-Reflection Questions (a few suggested questions to ask yourself…then answer them to help you know and accept your life a little better):
1. How can I attract the love of others?
2. Do my friends and family feel comfortable around me?
3. What can I do to remove my expectations about people?

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