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Does Your Church Have A Stage Or An Altar?

By Pastor QT Nyathi

“We’ll now call on stage a powerful music act to come and bless us with their signature song.”

How often have we heard or said these very words or used terms to that effect in church circles? Are we really aware of what we are reinforcing into our psyche when we say that? Here are a few differences between a stage and an altar:

*A stage is for performance; an altar is for worship.

*A stage is for competition; an altar is for complementation (and completion)

*A stage is for personal applause; an altar is for God’s glory.

*A stage is for wooing the frantic crowd; an altar is for serenading the King.

*A stage is for dishing popular sentiment; an altar is for delivering heaven’s decrees.

*A stage is for selfish ambition; an altar is for selfless sacrifice.

*A stage is owned and manned by man; an altar is owned and supervised by a particular deity to whom it is erected and dedicated.

*A stage is where everything must be perfect; an altar is where the imperfect are perfected.

*A stage is where man ascends; an altar is where God descends.

*A stage is where superstars hog the limelight; an altar is where everything pales into insignificance in light of the stunning bright morning star.
So next time you go on stage (oh, I mean altar!) realize that it’s all about heaven touching earth.

It’s all about Him, not you.

Pastor QT is a published author, copywriter and speaker. His sincerity, wit and candid style have endeared him to many hearts. His book DELIVERANCE UNPACKED has been warmly received globally. He conducts spicy marriage and singles seminars with his feisty wife Bonani.


Article Source: http://www.faithwriters.comCHRISTIAN WRITER

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