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Don’t Mind God- The Age-long Tactic

By  Sammy

He is the prince of this world, the serpent of old, the morning star, the persecutor and thief to mention just a few. Every child of God knows-or should know- that the Devil is a force to reckon with. If not anything, he has at least six thousand years experience in dealing with man so he has an upper hand. But thanks be to God who has given us victory through our Lord Jesus Christ. we can resist him and he shall flee.

Satan has many ways to capture people but one that he has been using almost without fail is what I call the “Don’t mind God” tactic.

From the Garden of Eden and probably before then, he used this tactic with mother Eve. “Did God say you shouldn’t eat that? Don’t mind Him”. Of course, you know the story.

He did the same with Abraham and today the whole world is suffering the result. terrorism is a worldwide menace today.

God said Do not commit adultery but the devil says “Don’t mind God”. Most of our films and adverts have sexual intonation to them. The result? HIV and AIDS.

When God gave the world our Lord Jesus, the devil told the world: “Don’t mind God”. He sent Mohammad to say Jesus is a fake. Where was Mohammad before Jesus? No where! There can’t be a fake without the original. Jesus is the original so the fake had to come after him.

Recently, Satan has told the whole world “Don’t mind God”. He did it in the form of a book: The Da Vinci code. The question is what was he responding to? Well, I’ll tell you.

The Lord of heaven has once again told the world his stand that Jesus is His only begotten son and he is to be accepted for salvation. He did it in the form of a film: The Passion of the Christ. That film got a lot of people into the fold of God. I was actually expecting the Devil’s reaction so it was not a surprise when the Da Vinci code hit the market and was spreading like a wild fire.

The devil could be saying to you in one way or the other that you shouldn’t mind God. One way he could be doing that is by using Just one letter: the letter I. God said “you should not kill” but the devil would say, “Don’t mind God”. He does not do that by saying “may be you should kill yourself and end all the problems” but by saying may be I should kill my self and end all the problems. That way, you would think that you are the one thinking whereas it is the devil suggesting to your heart.

I can’t go into details of how the devil could be asking you not to mind God in this piece of writing, may be someone would see this article and do that but before then, “let him that thinketh he satndeth take heed lest he falleth”.

Stay blessed.

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