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Everyone should be soulwinning for Jesus

by Soulwinner

Everyone should be a soul winner for Jesus Blog Article. What is soulwinning or winning souls? It is simply fulfilling the great commission that Jesus commanded us to go out to all the world and tell them how to get saved. Click Here to visit my soulwinning website. It will feature many more tips,products, and helpful books on soulwinning

Jesus wants us to tell others about Him so they can get saved. Than we are to tell them about baptism and help them grow in the Lord. Everyone must be a soulwinner for Jesus. In the Bible it says he who winneth souls is wise.

Not everyone will get saved when we go soulwinning but we must go. All we are is messengers. Jesus saves not us. We must not be afraid to tell others about their need of salvation. Hell is real. Heaven is real too.

Jesus needs soul winners to tell everyone about Him and His saving power. Do you have relatives or friends who might not be saved. They need the free gift of eternal life too. Jesus paid for it on the cross. He wants to give everyone eternal life.

Jesus Christ will go with us and help us witness for him. The Holy Spirit will help us to be bold. Let us be soulwinners for Jesus all the time. The Gospel is so simple. Even children can understand the Gospel message.

I will be posting many articles about soulwinning and give helpful tips that others have shared with me. I will also be posting my favorite soulwinning stories on my website. Please read Mark 16:15. It is my favorite soulwinning bible verse. Remember that Jesus gets all the Glory for everything that happens! Click Here to visit my soulwinning website.

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