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Feeding the Birds

By Robin Cassell

I Feed My Birds Manna From Heaven

I put out bread and water for the wild birds every day.

Isn’t this like God who put out manna in the desert for Israel?

If I can do this, who’s to say God couldn’t do it too in His wisdom and power and abilities.

The birds have no idea where or how the “manna” comes from. If I tried to explain the what, why and how of it, it would be so far over their heads, they would totally not understand it at all. Not even the language I was using.

Isn’t this the same way God could possibly be with us?

If I even tried to get near them, (to explain it) they’d be frightened to death of me.

Just like we would be frightened to death of meeting God.

I put out the bread because I love them and I love to see them feasting on it.

Isn’t this probably the same way God sees us – His children?

This opens up a whole new realm of possibilities for the super-natural to occur doesn’t it?

If God can bring down manna, who’s to say He couldn’t do other (to us) “super-natural” things as well(?) Like feeding 5,000 with a piece of bread and a fish; walking on water; healing all kinds of sickness instantly; etc, etc, etc.

To us this is impossible, and it is for us. But maybe God has the ability to operate under a whole different set of “rules”; just as we operate under a whole different set of rules than the birds do.

There’s absolutely no difference between how God is with us, than how I am with my birds.

Until today, my faith has been lacking regarding “super-natural” happenings. I am a doubting Thomas. Because I wasn’t there to actually witness these things, my logical brain could not truly, honestly, believe. But seeing this – how it is for me with my birds – has increased and deepened my faith a huge amount. And Jesus having to die to save us. And us receiving a new Spirit to live inside us. Though I can’t understand these things, as I watch my birds who can’t understand, I can logically believe. Well doesn’t it really make totally logical sense?

So I gratefully take the manna, believing God can do many things I could never understand.

As long as I am in this body, I am the same as the birds.

Still don’t believe? Still no faith? Put some bread out for the birds – and watch. See for yourself.

I don’t really have anything to say about myself other than the fact that I “feel” the Holy Spirit in me on a 24/7 basis. I’m a sober alcoholic and it is only by the Holy Spirit‘s power that I am still alive.

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