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Fit for the Master’s Use

By Grace Tom-Lawyer

Every Palm Sunday,we commemorate the Triumphal entry of Jesus to Jerusalem(Mark 11:1-11) . In many traditional churches, palm fronds will be used for decoration. These palm fronds represent the fronds along with the clothes people put on the way which the colt stepped on as it carried Jesus(Mark 11:7-8) .Several years ago, I learn’t somethings about this colt which I would love to build on.

This colt was tied and had never been ridden before(Mark 11:2,Luke 19:30). Until a certain day came, when Jesus sent for the colt to be brought. Jesus did not only give a vivid description of where the colt was but an answer to give anyone who might oppose its untying.The disciples found the colt exactly as Jesus described (Mark 11:4) and untied it.They also answered the owners who asked the reason for the untying ( Mark 11:5-6 ).The colt now loosed carried Jesus into Jerusalem thus fulfilling prophecy( Zechariah 9:9,Isaiah 62:11).There is no doubt in our minds today what would have happened if this colt had become rebellious and impatient and left the place where it was tied.

Prior to being loosed ,this colt although physically fit was tied. It was not free to move about like the other colts in town.The colt may have sometimes wondered, if it would be ever be used as it is also possible that some other colts may have bragged and boasted to it about the places they had traveled to and the kind of people they had carried while it remained tied in position and under authority(it had owners).The man who will be fit for the master’s use is a tied man who is disciplined(2 Timothy 2:21) with some restraint on his life. This restraint is what Paul referred to as the love of Christ compelling us (2 Corinthians 5:14).

When this colt was eventually untied , it was brought to Jesus to fulfil a need (Luke 19:31).It was loosed to serve. A man who is fit for the master’s use is one who sees and uses liberty as an occasion to serve (Galatians 5:13, 2 Peter 2:16).I have a feeling that as this colt carried Jesus into Jerusalem ,it became the envy of all the other colts who had been free all the while.Unlike them, this colt did not step on dust but rather on palm fronds and even clothes of people who were supposed to be his masters.

It is so comforting to know that Jesus cared enough to know the address of the colt.He knows ours (Hebrews 13:8) .Like the colt, there is a place where God wants us to be(Acts 17:26,Matthew 24:46).For us to be fit for the Master’s use,we must remain there , tied and ready until the master sends for us to serve.

Grace Tom-Lawyer is a writer who lives in the United Kingdom and loves to share a message that brings dignity to the lives of people with a passion for the practical application of Biblical truths in everyday living.

2014 Grace Tom-Lawyer. All rights reserved.


Article Source: http://www.faithwriters.comCHRISTIAN WRITER

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