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Forgiveness is Already Yours so Stop Asking for It

By Michael Shoesmith

There are very few things that bother me more than I when I hear someone call themselves a “Christian” and a “leader” and then move on to teach others certain doctrines that completely conflict with the Gospel message. Just last night I went to a men’s meeting for the first time that I was invited to. The Lord instructed me to just be silent and to listen. What I heard was quite disturbing.

There was a young man there who had only been saved since January. He was sharing some personal struggles he was having with sin. The “leader” of the group told the young man that the first thing he must “do” is to ask God for forgiveness. He told him to say “God please forgive me for doing this”. What a terrible thing to say.

The Bible is clear about many things. One of those things is that as a “new creature” in Christ we no longer belong to ourselves. We are not our own, the Bible says. We were purchased with a price. That’s why we should never rob God by “tithing”. All of our money belongs to God because all of us belongs to Him. Not only that but we are totally and completely forgiven for everything we will ever do and ever have done. We are no longer sinners. We are the righteousness of God in Christ. As Jesus is in heaven so are we on the earth. Is Jesus a sinner? No! Sinning is not normal for us. It is quite strange for us to sin because we are not sinners. It no less strange than an elephant nesting in a tree. That’s how odd it is for a follower of Christ to sin. The Bible says that there is no longer any more forgiveness for sin but a fearful expectation of judgement. To ask God to forgive you for anything is no different than asking Jesus to give up his life for you all over again. My friend if you have been born again and are a follower of Jesus Christ then you are perpetually forgiven allways. It’s that simple.

In the context of relationship it is crucial to maintain a proper honest confession before God. He knows what you’re doing anyway so you might as well own up to it. The sooner you confess your sin the purer your connection with the giver of life will be. Forgiveness is like a pool. It is always there. It is never depleted. As a child of God who has been adopted out of the family of Satan there is never a time when you are out of a state of forgiveness. There is no more forgiveness available to you or anyone else. It was all purchased at the cross.

I know that many of you are thinking that you know that you are forgiven but you still believe in asking for forgiveness. Why? Let me tell you why. It’s a works mentality driven into you that says God is angry with you and requires some sort of effort on your part to attain forgiveness. I know this is true because out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. Asking for and in some cases begging for forgiveness is a terrible bondage. If you are saved then you are forgiven. That’s all you need to know and that’s the knowledge in which you should walk.

If (not when) you sin you should simply acknowledge the truth about it, repent (stop doing it) and thank God for the strength to move on from it all the while recognizing the forgiven state you are in. You are free. Start acting like it.

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My name is Michael D. Shoesmith and I am the Internet Pastor. I have written and published five books. I own and regularly contribute to two blogs. I also own several YouTube properties including internetpastortv and educatingtheatheists. Feel free to join me at http://www.prosperousindividual.com

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