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Forsake Me Not, O Lord

By Fenny West

Forsake me not, O Lord

Lest I fall by the wayside

Wander away from your Word

Drift like a ship without a rudder.

Forsake me not, my Shepherd

Lest forage in dangerous territory

Forget what I have heard

Fall prey to the adversary.

Forsake me not, in my sorrows

Lest I murmur, complain and sin

Last I hurt myself with my arrow

And make my bed in the bin.

Forsake me not in my joys

Lest I am consumed, subsumed

Forget due holy employ

Forget whose I am, doomed.

Forget me not when I fall

Lest I forget the way back

Drift and die like Saul

And missing the mark.

Good Shepherd, forget me not

One of the sheep of your pasture

With a great price bought

Lord, let Your presence endure.
Forsake me not in light

Lest I take it for granted.

Forsake me not in night

Lest my vision is beclouded.

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