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From AWful You to AWEsome You

Article by Dr Bil Holton

I’ve come to the conclusion that you should have an absolutely AWEFUL day today! I’m serious! I hope you have an AWEFUL day!

I want to clarify what I am proposing. The aweful I’m talking about is spelled AWEFUL as in AWESOME! I hope you have awe-filled days the rest of your life. Here’s a neat story to demonstrate the awesomeness of going from AWFUL to AWEFUL.

Lightning struck a huge tree up ahead of them and sent the splintered tree across the rain-soaked road. The heavy rain was falling like liquid bullets. As the driver slowed to a stop, trying to figure out what to do, another bolt of lightning struck a tree behind the SUV and sent the tree across the road, trapping the driver and his very, very, very pregnant wife on Rt. 54.

Her contractions were minutes apart and he knew he had to get her to the hospital. He got out of the truck to access the situation and instinctively ducked as another lightning strike splintered a towering pine tree nearby.

A few moments later, soaking wet, he jumped back into the SUV.

“Honey, we’re trapped. There’s ditches on both sides of the road and the trees are so huge they’re blocking the road in both directions.”

“Thank God they didn’t ” she stopped as one of her contractions hit, “fall on us!” she gasped.

“I’ve got to get you to the hospital,” her frantic husband announced.

Suddenly a pickup truck arrived. The driver saw their predicament, told them to stay in the vehicle, and explained what he was going to do. In a few minutes he had the tree ahead of them cut into enough pieces to clear the way for them.

He refused any payment. He said he was going to stay long enough to clear the other tree out of the road too. Then he offered the couple a tattered business card sized note.

Worn and creased with age, the inscription on its face, dulled by the touch of many fingers read:

You’ve been helped in some way today by a Good Samaritan.

In lieu of payment, please pass on the favor to someone else

The couple looked at each other and smiled their gratitude – and their surprise. Their old web address was on the back of the card. They had printed 1,000’s of the cards themselves years ago after they had seen the hit movie Pay It Forward.

Their own kindness and generosity had turned what could have been an awful experience into an awesomely AWEful experience.

Two thousand years ago, Jesus the Christ travelled many a storm-tossed road Himself. He had plenty of opportunities to turn awful experiences into awesomely AWEful experiences. He raised the widow of Nain’s son, (Luke 7:11), Jairus’ daughter (Mark 5:22), and Lazarus (John 11:1) from aweful experiences – they had all died! Their resurrections were all incredibly AWEful experiences.

Jesus the Christ healed lepers (Luke 17:12), a blind man (John 9:1) another blind man at Bethesaida (Mark 8:12), a blind man named Bartimaeus (Matt. 20), a deaf mute (Mark 7:32), a Roman officer’s servant (Matt. 8:5), two people with demons (Mark 5; Luke 8), a paralyzed man (Mark 2, Luke 5), a woman who touched His cloak (Matt. 9, Luke 8); and scores of other awful health conditions in His time.

The traditional Christ figure healed many types of sicknesses and ailments. The Cosmic Christ, the Indwelling Christ within us, can turn awful into awesome, and trials into triumphs if we allow Him to work in us and through us.

Metaphysically, no matter how dulled, deadened, or comatose we become (that’s what Jairus’ daughter, the widow of Nain’s son, and Lazarus represent) we can be resurrected by the power of the Holy Spirit. No matter how sick we are mentally, emotionally, or physically, we can be healed.

No matter how far gone you think you are, or others believe you are, Spirit can raise the deadened you, the scared you, the weakened you to the real you. By the power and might of the Christ as you, you can pray yourself, meditate yourself, visualize yourself, will yourself, affirm yourself, diet yourself, exercise yourself, and divinely order yourself into wholeness and happiness.

When you listen to the ‘still small voice’ within you can move from AWFUL to AWEFUL. Believe it! It is within your power to do it.

Dr. Bil Holton is a metaphysician, Unity minister, and Truth practitioner. His (http://www.metaphysicalbible.net) Metaphysical Bible interpretations take readers beyond the limitations of embedded theology to a higher, more enriched perspective of Bible study. Visit his website to view the many resources that are available to help you on your Truth walk and spiritual journey.

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