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Fundamentals of christians

By priyanka kumrawat

Acknowledge God owns everything. Function confidently, knowing He’s in control. Understand that He gives and takes away and love Him regardless. Express thanks no matter the situation. Sing and speak praises to Him in rough times just as in the good times. Are quick to obey; Bold to witness. Are quick to submit to Him and others. Are quick to forgive, and to ask forgiveness.

Use our spiritual gifts; and the authority of His Name to accomplish things in our lives, and for others. Realize that worshiping Him includes our behavior and attitude as well as our prayers and singing. A fundamentalist is one who believes in the basics of the faith. These basics of the Christian faith include: the literal 1st and 2nd coming of Christ, his virgin birth, his literal crucifixion and physical resurrection from the dead, the belief that salvation comes only through faith in Christ, and the Bible as being the inerrant Word of God. This last proposition is often misunderstood because it is often confused with believing that one must always interpret the Bible literally. This is As ridiculous or repugnant these beliefs are to the liberal, none of the beliefs imply any set of political convictions that promote injustice. It is not difficult to see that the stereotypes do not always hold true. Though many Christian fundamentalists voted for President Bush in the last election, my conversations with fellow fundamentalists tell me that a significant number of fundamentalists looked to the Democratic Party to provide a legitimate alternative–I myself voted for Nader. During the summer, I visited a fellow fundamentalist friend of mine who was teaching at the Au Sable Institute in Michigan where Christian fundamentalist college students can study environmentalism. A fellow fundamentalist friend from England tells me that conservative Christians there tend to be politically liberal. I have fellow fundamentalist friends who are uncomfortable with or oppose the war in Iraq. There are a number of my fellow fundamentalists who oppose the current marginalization of the Palestinians practiced by Israel. My own church allowed their high school students to study a book containing the writings of Martin Luther King Jr.

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