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By Sue Darling

1 Corinthians 14 verse 5

I would like every one of you to speak in tongues, but I would rather have you prophesy.

In this verse St Paul wants us to value prophesy more than tongues, but he definitely says that he would like every one of us to speak in tongues. You know how sometimes some things may come home to you and you know it is truth and then practise it straight away and other things it takes time to convince you? Well speaking in tongues was that way with me.

I should of cotton onto it a lot quicker than I did, because when my father was dying of cancer, he was speaking in tongues. I was very young when my father died, but it has taken me decades to take speaking in tongues seriously. I knew he was speaking in tongues, because you may understand him so clearly and look around to see people’s faces so confused, because they could not understand a word he was saying. My father went to church only a few times in his life. He never read the bible, he did not know what was in the bible.

I remember once I was in the lounge room reading my bible and he walked in and saw that I was reading it and became so embarrassed that he walked out again. He certainly was not against me reading it, it was simply because he never grew up with it and it made him feel uncomfortable. He believed in God and it was him that decided that us children needed to go to Sunday school to learn about Jesus. The last few months of his life he handed his life completely over to God. He was so sorry that he wasted his life, by not giving God his all, that God heard his prayers. God spoke to my mother and myself at the same time and said what my father was going through saints normally take a life time to reach. So it was no easy journey for him.

He put his all into the spiritual battle he had to endure and he came out winning the battle of his salvation and a lot more I believe. And I believe the family receive a great many blessing from God because of what he endured for God. There was no way he could have recited St John’s Gospel without divine intervention. Not only could he not of memorise it, he would not have understood it. Try to memorise something that you do not understand? It would be extremely difficult I believe. He was speaking in tongues. It was God’s Holy Spirit talking through him. The Holy Spirit knows the Holy Bible.

O.K so what got my attention to get me interested in tongues? Matter of urgency! Our crisis are not always such a bad thing, if it leads you to a greater commitment to know what God wants from you. It started out wanting to get out of the crisis that I was in. You know what I mean, you are so desperate, you will do anything at all to be free of that pain. Around that time I stumbled on a few testimonies that I was told, which helped me believe that everybody can speak in tongues. That it is not just a selected few that can do it.

I did not know how to do it at first, but I stepped out in faith and I found I could do it easily. I found the more I focussed my heart and imagination on God sitting on the Throne of Heaven and me standing there before Him, the more energised I got. I believe if you suffer from depression it is an excellent way to get out of depression, and according to one testimony that I heard it has even the power to raise the dead. One guy for example found his friend dead. The body was decomposing. He prayed over his friend’s body for hours, not just a couple of minutes, but hours and his friend came back to life.

One of the advantage of praying in tongues is that it is the Holy Spirit praying through you, so you do not know what the Spirit of God is saying, so the devil cannot convince you that the God the Father is not going to listen. You will know God the Father always answers the prayer of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit knows the mind and heart of God the Father, right! So how do you speak in tongues? It is so easy you will wish you had known it long ago. Once you start praying in tongues it is like anything else, it starts out fun and then it is starts to be hard work, because you will need to discipline yourself, to do it every day to get the full results. Once your prayer has been answered, do not stop it, do not use God. If you do, your problems will sure to come back in my opinion. Because we are all called to be in God’s army, full time. I quickly will mention I had a dream once and I saw Satan’s army, it was all things aggressive such as tanks, missiles, all the things of war and then I looked at my right and there was God’s army.

The weapons of the people in the army of God used, had no resemblance of Satan’s army as you would guess. They were armed with absolute praise and worship of God and we were so full of joy. We have to persevere and finish the race. Getting back to the topic of tongues again. Remember when you were a child and you pretended to speak in another language, so you open your mouth and said a lot of words that did not make sense to you. Guess what? You were speaking in tongues. Now it is a question if you will believe God Spirit will speak through you, and the answer is always yes. We are His Children, we are the temple of God.

God lives in us if we surrender to Him. Now when you are speaking in tongues you have to put your heart into it, if you want results and believe. I use my hands a lot when I am speaking in tongues and I can get quiet excited too. You can also sing in tongues if you prefer. You may feel foolish at first, but if this is what God wants of you, He will reward you and He does want it of you. I heard of another testimony that this person prayed over somebody in tongues and the person who was being prayed over heard the man speak in his own language. When my father was talking in tongues sometimes I could understand him and at other times I could not. Often when I could not understand him, my mother could. It is defiantly a supernatural language that the Holy Spirit uses through you. It may not sound much to you but a whole lot of nonsense, but it has power, because it is God’s Holy Spirit communicating to God the Father through you. Be His vessel and your faith and love will increase.

I believe that Christian don’t often think just how powerful their prayers can be, so they pray for small things and only for people they know. I believe in praying big because I know God wants to do great things through us.

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