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God is faithful to fullfil what He has promised to you…

By Susan Finny Daniel

God is faithful to fulfill what He has promised to you. He never lie. He is not a man to tell lies. He is faithful. The promise which God gave to the people of Israel took 400 years to get fulfilled. They might have doubted whether they would ever see the promised land. In that big gap it was a big impossible in their lives. In my opinion they might have even forgotten about the promise..that is why they had great difficulty in accepting Moses’s proposals at the initial stage. Friends.. we may forgot .. but God never does.

Let us see why does our promises get delayed.

1. Promises have an appointed time.

In the Bible, we can see the time period for each promise. At the right time He will fulfill your promise too. Till that time the world and its people can hold you back but when the time comes nothing can keep you from receiving it. You will see what He has promised. For 3 days the Roman soldiers kept in guard the body of Jesus Christ. But on the third day He rose up and He lived and He still lives!!! When the time come nothing can pull u and bind you back. But you will receive the promise. We serve such a wonderful Jesus. Sometimes..it may take time. But wait. You will see His faithfulness. Habakkuk says about God’s appointed time. For example .. we take an appointment with the doctor. That time is ours. No one can take that time away from you. Because its your time and when the particular time comes you can visit him.

2. Promise get delayed because of our lack of faith.

Promise need faith to fulfill it. The angle of the Lord said to Mary that you will bear a child by the power of the Holy Ghost. She did not worry about future.. She never doubted her promise. By faith she prepared to receive her promise. Hebrews 11 talks about faith. I have heard many people saying.. God has given me so many promises.. but nothing has come real. That is just pure lack of faith. It will only further delay the process. You have got a promises. Yes that is true. But how much belief have you got. This matters. Have you have strong assurance in His promise? I encourage you to keep faith in your promise . Wait for His time!! He is faithful!!

Article Source: http://www.faithwriters.comCHRISTIAN WRITER

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