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God of Infinite Love

By Ron Quinlan

I heard a sermon recently by my pastor. He talked about the imagery of God in the Old Testament as a God who disciplines whereas the God of the New Testament is seen as a God of Love. He also stated that surveys reveal that those over fifty tend to see God as a God who disciplines. We need to focus more on the God of Love.

Jesus came among other reasons to reveal to us the reality of God, what He was like and He revealed to us a God of Infinite Love. God is a God of Infinite Love. He always has been and always will. Even the Old Testament discipline was administered out of love because He knew what was best for Israel. God loves us and He loves us with an infinite love.

There is no more important concept to understand. We serve a God of Infinite Love and it is that infinite love that motivates God’s actions towards us. He loves us infinitely and wants us to open ourselves to His Love and Mercy. In His love He has given us the free will to open ourselves up to that love, to accept His love or reject it. He will not force His love upon us.

For many of us our biggest problem is believing that God actually loves us as much as He does. Too many of us believe that God loves us with a generic love for all mankind but He couldn’t possibly love us personally as individuals with an infinite love. I’ve done too many wrong things in my life. I’m lucky that God would love me at all. I’m lucky He even lets me live. He can’t possibly love me with an infinite love.

That’s the way most of us think in our hearts. We may not say it that way exactly but it is what we believe. I even know ministers who seem to believe the same way. They don’t expect God to use them or other people to perform miracles. They don’t really believe in miracles because while they believe in the mercy of God and His willingness to forgive sins in their hearts they believe there are limits to God’s love.

Unfortunately, we all believe this way. We believe that with God all things are possible, that He is all powerful but we doubt His willingness to act on our behalf for our good because we put limits on His love. We are created in His image so we think that God will act like us. We can’t conceive of loving people infinitely. We always have limits to our love. People can go too far.

God is not like us. His ways are not our ways. He is infinite a concept that is so far beyond our power to understand it isn’t funny. There is no comparison we could make that would adequately convey the infinity of God. If we were to consider ourselves the size of a single drop of water compared to God all of the oceans, seas, lakes, rivers and streams on this planet still would be inadequate to express the infinity of God.

God is infinite. Everything about Him is infinite, His power, His wisdom, His mercy and His love. God’s love is Infinite. He loves each individual on this planet all seven billion and the billions who’ve come before us with an infinite love. His love knows no limits except the limits we impose on Him with our free will, our faith or lack of faith.

He wants us to have faith in His love, to believe that He will do what is best for us. We need to have faith in Him in His love and mercy not in formulas. Too often we get caught up in formulas that are supposed to work. Say this prayer six times a day and leave nine copies in church each day. We shouldn’t trust in formulas like that but put our faith in our loving God who loves us with an infinite love and who wants what is best for us and wants us to open ourselves to His loving power.

Lord, help me to really believe that You love me with an infinite love, no matter what I’ve done and to open myself up to Your love. Amen

I am a former Catholic School teacher, now working as a caregiver in South Carolina. I have written pieces for Catholic Exchange and Catholic Lane including God’s Valentine and A Faith Worth Dying For.

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