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God’s Righteousness is Our Purpose

By Gregory John Monroe

God’s righteousness is clean, pure, good, just, loving, true, and right. It is who He is. It is what He does. It is what we should seek.

To help us on this journey, Jesus, who detested sin, allowed Himself to become the dark, vile nature of sin itself. Therefore he hung on that cross a lonely man; detested by His heavenly Father.

As a man, forsaking His godliness, it had been revealed to Him a vision of His first stop after the cross. And that would be into a no-return, extinguished nothingness– the second death, which is the ultimate wages of sin.

He had to be nervous; certainly apprehensive; maybe even somewhat frightened. I hope it isn’t sacrilegious to say that, but I say it, for He lived on this earth as a true man. And now He was about to die as a real human being having to trust in the promise of God in heaven to return Him from the void. After all, only a human, not God, would wonder and say to God, “Why have you forsaken Me?”

This is why I love and appreciate Jesus so much. He was God, yes, but He restricted Himself to the confines of humanity so that His actions would be legally true and just. This was a man who loved us first, to the extent of laying down His life and giving up His divinity for us; a man who surrendered and sacrificed all so that we all may live.

And that brings me back to God’s righteousness. It is all that I’ve statedclean, pure, good, just, loving, true, and rightbut I left one attribute off the list: “us.”

Here’s why I say that. “He [God] made Him [Jesus] who knew no sin to be sin on our behalf, so that we might become the righteousness of God in Him [Jesus].” II Corinthians 5: 21.

Although those of us who are believers are covered by Christ’s righteousness, what this verse is saying is that we are to become His righteousness. IMAGINE THAT, being God’s actual righteousness everywhere we go. What an exhilarating prospect!

This imparted righteousness is what sanctification is now doing for us; culminating in the corruption and mortality of our present bodies changing to incorruption and immortality. THAT is why Jesus became our sacrifice. THAT is why we live. In other words, THAT is the meaning and purpose of life– to become His righteousness!

Thank you Lord for this marvelous opportunity.

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