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By Azuka Chinonso Igwegbe

But if God could create heaven and earth in just six days, how long do you think it would take him to solve your problem? How vast is the earth and the things in it? But it took God six days to create all the things in it: the sun, the moon, the stars, the oceans, seas, the plants, vegetation’s, the animals and all the living creatures.

Think of the sun, upon all its strength, size, shape and nature. The moon as well, and all its size and shape took God just a day to create. If the scientists were to create sun, or moon, or a single star, how many years do you think it would take them to create or invent any of them?

Can the stars of the sky be numbered or counted? Can you quote the exact number of the stars? Each star has its own unique shape and size. All these uncountable stars you see with their various shapes and sizes took God just a day to create. Now, is it that little problem you have would take him eternity to solve? He that created stars in just a few seconds, could he not solve your problems in half a second? Is the size of your problem equal to the one tenth of the smallest star he created? I guess no, then how big is your problem? Is it bigger than the sun or moon? I don’t think so.

The sun, in all its size and big shape took him a day to create, (not the full day, but some little fraction of the day). Then how much or less do you think it would take him to solve your problem?

How many seconds or minutes, or hours would it take God to heal a headache? Do you think if it takes God a second to heal a headache, then it would take him almost a day or weeks or months to heal HIV, or cancer or leukemia? If he could heal ordinary headache in just a second, then, he can as well heal brain turmoil or kidney problem in a single second. The bigness or the greatness of disease does not require the exact huge time duration for God to heal.

Let me ask you, what does it take, or how long does it take a room that has been dark to be illuminated? Does it take the equal number of years, or time the room has been dark to get it illuminated? It takes light to illuminate a room no matter how long it has been dark.

Now, how long do you think it would take God to solve your problem? Ages or years? But how long does it take him to create waters, seas, oceans and rivers? Does the depth, or height, or length of the sea take God the same equal length of time to create? That the ocean or sea is very deep does not determine the duration of time it took God to create it.

Think of the animals in the seas, if you think that the animals in the seas are of higher number than the ones on the land, and in spite of their numbers, sizes and shapes and similarities, it took God just a day to create. Then how long do you think that it will take God to solve your problems?

Think of all the animals on the land, their shapes, kingdoms, family, class, order and species, it took God just a day to create them, they were not the only thing he created that day, he created them alongside with other things.

That God has not healed you does not mean he has not discovered the drugs he would use to heal you. And that he has not solved your problem does not mean he’s confused on how and where to start solving the problem. I wonder the type of problem one has that would take God days or ages to solve since it took him just a day to create the man who has the problem.

The earth in its wideness, size, and shape including the heavens took God just six day to create. Now, if it takes God just a day to create man, what kind of problem man would have that would take God days to solve since he created man who has the problem in a day?


Azuka Chinonso Igwegbe.

Author “Crushed But Not Destroyed”




I am a writer, motivational speaker and a published author of “Crushed But Not Destroyed” here is my blog site http://www.globalimpacttoday.com

Article Source: http://www.faithwriters.comCHRISTIAN WRITER

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