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Help with my acting career

by Temitope Owosela 


I want You to speak to my life situations; as, I am speaking unto my life as You command me to do.

I would love for You to give me another wind; but, this wind will be much stronger, lasting and outlasting the one that I am having now.

Provide me the acting career that You promised me with my dream team (Friend William Wingate and the Olsen’s (Trent, Ashley Olsen, Mary Kate and Elizabeth).

And; when I have this wind blown to me; I am asking that You will give me a stronger wind than before.

I know You will only give me; the amount I can handle. You will never give me more than I can handle.

So, God with the wind that I am dealing with now and later in the future.

Now I see that I have the strength with the knowledge, wisdom and the understanding with issues that I am dealing with now without comprising with my integrity, dignity, self esteem and myself in You. If You still have to work on me. So, I can be able to handle the next set of wind that I will deal with; so, I will ask for more strength, wisdom, knowledge and understanding.

But, I am asking that You must not make this test or training to last longer than it should nor make me feel that I am not crying over spelt milk on things I should not crying over.

I know there might be tough times coming my way; though I may not like it; but, my prayer is that You may lift it (just like Jesus [Unlink] at Gethsemane); but, if not let Your will be done. Before; I will say let my will be done and not Yours.

Now I can somehow see and pretty much accept what You are trying to work with me; and, I am doing the best I can to work with You (Don’t expect that I will do exactly what You want me to do; since, I am human. I can only do so much). When I feel overwhelm; I am asking, please do not leave me alone. I am asking for You to help me through the process.

Let me be able to rest on You and lift the weight of the world off of me. As I step into faith with my patience and undying persistence to You. May I be able to give You all the glory for what You have done in my life.

Yes, I might be in my darkest hour with my depression, bipolar depression (type 2), PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and anxiety. I know this will only last for a while. Because with every difficulty; You have a solution with the people, animals, and things that will be a solution to the issues at end.

The solution may not come when I want it; nor when I want it. But, You will come at the right time.

Again give me strength with the wisdom, knowledge and understanding that require for each test that will lead to my success.

I ask for Your favor; into my life as from this moment.

Yes, I might still be going through the test; but, that doesn’t mean I won’t stop asking and demanding what I want in my own time.

So, God;

I am asking for You to present people to come into my life especially focusing on celebrities, major movie and television directors and producers like Steven Spielberg and Michael Bay to come into my life. They may not offer me gigs at this moment (for one reason or the other; but, eventually it will come to the point; where they will have to); but, at least let them be able to spend time with me that through fellowship and whatever other way You want us to spend time together.

I pray that Ashley Olsen and her sister Mary Kate will also spend time with me that through fellowship and whatever other way You want us to spend time together.

I know I may not have the qualification to be around them; but, let them find a reason to spend time with me face to face. And, teach my heart and mind the ability to have fun with them without the feeling of guilt; or, the guilt of expressing that I have a problem (mentally and physically (from birth (and, I am working hard to overcome these obstacles and barriers of my life) to this moment in my life).

Teach me to be able to stop thinking mediocre; although I do not think like that; but, the main thing is; don’t let others influence me to live that type of life. Give me the strength with the knowledge, wisdom and understanding to stand my ground to say; “It’s my life; and I must be able to live my life the way You designed for me to live.” Also, “Your success story is different from mine. Yours may have been easy and mine can a school of hard knocks. You may be fast; and, mine can be slow. Allow me to run my own race of life; and, I will be where I should be.”

In Jesus name



Article Source: http://www.faithwriters.comCHRISTIAN WRITERS

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