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Hope comes to Puna

Article to by John Savage

If I was to mention the island of Puna to you I wonder if you would know where it is? Well it is part of Ecuador and at one time the only people that lived there was aboriginal people. Nowadays the local population is comprised of children, but very poor children with no shoes to wear and with very little by way of medication to take care of them when they fall ill, which they often do because of the many flies which carry diseases.

It is sad to say that the children living on this lovely island were all too heavily involved in alcohol and drug use and they knew nothing about the God who loves them and cares for them. Our local director has said that keeping families together in this climate was very difficult and many families struggled with being united and loyal to each other.

Then along came a pastor by the name of David who had a vision to see change taking place in this community. He received training from the Bible league and now has a strong sense of compassion for the people of the Island. He longed to see light breaking into the darkness which was surrounding the area.

Even in darkness light dawns for the upright, for the gracious and compassionate and righteous man.(Psalm 112:4 NIV)

Because Gods Word was foreign to the people of Puna, the pastors task was challenging. Although not immediate, soon people were strengthened by the Word of God! adds our director. Pastor Davids vision became a reality. He planted the seed of Gods Word in the lives of the natives in every town on the island. He continues training them, even today, to work together in service to Christ.

How wonderful it is now to see children who were once enslaved by alcohol and drugs studying God’s Word. Many communities on the island are experiencing physical and spiritual cleanliness and families joining the local church are experiencing the joy of Christian Fellowship, most for the very first time.

Four churches have been planted so far, and six are in the process,continues our director. We can now say that Jesus Christ is known throughout the island of Puna!

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