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Hope in the Face of Death

By Jennifer Molloy

He will swallow up death forever

And the Lord God will wipe away tears from all faces

The rebuke of his people

He will take away from the earth:

For the Lord has spoken

Isaiah 25:8

My heart is heavy with grief for the parents of those 20 kids who never made it home from school, robbed of life by a lone gunman. Ironically they were killed 11 days before Christmas. A day we celebrate the birth of our Savior who came to free the world from sin and death. Jesus Christ died so we might have eternal life. I know those twenty kids are safe with the Lord free from pain sickness and sorrow, eternally saved but what about the parents. Do they know the Lord? I can only hope so. Please join with me over the coming days to pray for those families that lost children and for the families of the teachers that were killed. If they don’t know the Lord I pray that someone tells them about Jesus and why he was born. Jesus was born so he could trade his life for ours, and in doing so swallow up death forever. So all who believe in his name will not perish but have everlasting life. In light of this tragedy the real meaning of Christmas becomes oh so important.

Those who don’t know the Lord grieve without hope. But those that know and believe in Jesus Christ are assured that when they die they will be with the Lord and he himself will wipe away their tears. They will be reunited with loved one’s who have accepted the Lord as their savior and they will finally live in a world without evil,pain or sickness. That is the great hope that lives in every Christian and the Lord is counting on us to be bold and share that message with everyone. The Lord does not promise anyone tomorrow that is why we must be bold right now and tell our friends, family and neighbours so they can be saved and eternally secure. I pray with all my heart that all those who have lost loved ones through this tragedy will learn of and accept Jesus Christ as their personal Savior. For those that do know the Lord I pray that he will give them the strength, comfort and courage to face the days ahead

Contact me at jmolloy99@hotmail.com

I am a freelance writer and poet that writes commentary on my christian life. I live in northern Ont. on a small hobby farm with my husband and an assortment of dogs, cats,horses,donkey and goats. I write to glorify my savior.


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