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How To Make A Car Rosary

The rosary is an important tool for Christians around the world. It is part of the Christian tradition of praying and meditation on the lives of Jesus Christ and his mother the Blessed Virgin Mary.  The word rosary comes from the Latin word “rosarium” which means “garden of rose.” This etymology is explained on Mary’s miraculous association with the rose flower prior to her assumption to heaven. In the Marian dogma and Catholic Mariology, It is believed that when Mary was assumed to heaven, rose petals were miraculously found on her sickbed.

According to a Catholic legend, the rosary was given to Saint Dominic by the Virgin Mary herself in an apparition. Though there are conflicting views that objects to this belief, the rosary has been an indispensable part of the Catholic world. The rosary also introduced adoration and devotion into our daily lives.

Today, different varieties of rosaries exist. There are rosaries in the form of bracelets, rings, and even as an altar ornament such as a wall rosary. Another innovative variation of the rosary is used to remind people to pray for safety on the road – a car rosary.  A car rosary reminds us to lift our safety to God and to appeal to the Blessed Virgin Mary for protection while on a journey. While purchasing a car rosary from a gift shop is not bad, making your own for yourself or for your loved ones is far greater. A personally crafted car rosary is more effective because it is made with love and sincere care for your loved ones.

In making your very own car rosary, you will need 50 Ave beads with the same size, color and shape; nine Pater beads same size, shape and color but different from the Ave beads; and a handful of small connector beads. You can use different materials as beads such as varnished wood, plastic, colored glass, semi-precious stones and even barnished seeds or sea shells.

You will also need a thin yet durable cord and a crucifix proportional to the size of your beads. In looking for a crucifix, make sure that it has a hole at the top to loop your cord; otherwise you should drill a small hole on it. There are different kinds of cross used in a rosary such as Iconic, Celtic, San Damiano, Cross of St. Francis of Assisi and the Peace Dove cross. If you are now ready with your materials, just follow these easy steps to start making a car rosary.

1.) Loop the cord through the crucifix. Use a lengthy string so that you could hold all the beads. You can always trim the excess string after you are finished.  Secure the crucifix by making a knot just above it.

2.) After the knot securing your crucifix, tie another knot at least a quarter inch from your first knot. Thread a Pater bead, a connector bead, three Ave beads, a connector bead and lastly, a Pater bead.

3.) After the last Pater bead, thread two connector beads. Let your cord loop into two separate wires. Thread a connector bead to each wire. Thread 10 Ave beads into each string and add a connector bead.

4.) Thread a Pater bead to each wire and a connector bead after. Repeat this process until you finish creating the beads to make the five decades.

5.) Knot the wires to finish the chain of your rosary. Make sure that it is secure and will not be untied. You are finished! Hang it over in front of the car.

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