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I Found The Answer

By Leonard Granger

LEN’S LINES — A Little Religion On A Positive Note By Len Granger

I Found The Answer

You maybe wondering what I found the answer to? Was it how to make a fortune in the stock market or in real estate deals, running the farm or growing a productive church garden and sharing with everyone? Yes, all of these things can be an answer to some of our goals in life, however, I have found that a life to be successful and rewarding must have a higher goal than worldly things. We will not be satisfied and have that inter peace until we have accepted our Gracious and Loving Lord Jesus Christ as our Savior and He becomes the King Of our lifeLeonard Granger. A life of being a servant to our Lord and serving Him with our God given talents is the answer to what we have been searching for all our lives.

I would like to tell you about my life long Christian gospel singing friend, Michael O’Shea who had a beautiful “Irish Tenor” voice that touched the hearts of thousands of people through his ministry of singing and music. I met him in the early 80’s when a young college group, the Light Ministries visited our large church in Marysville. California and he was their lead older adult singer. He appeared in person on a live Christian Radio program ” Sunday Morning Devotions” that I had on three radio stations and was a blessing with his music and testimony. I was honored to have Michael stay at our home for a week and learn how the Lord had changed his life.

Michael was born in New York City. in an Irish part of the city, and grew up in a poor family. During high school he played baseball and with singing developed his tenor voice. After graduating he was accepted on the NYC police department and all the while he rarely attended church with his family. He was going to be a self made man and rise out of the situation he was raised. While playing on the police baseball team he was recruited by a scout for the Los Angeles Angels. a national major league team on the west coast. While playing he still developed his singing voice and became known as the Tenor Baseball Player while singing in local gigs. While there was found by Hollywood scouts and asked to be in several movies, with Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis, and another with Lloyd Bridges, Michael said at that time I thought he had found the answer he was looking for and entered the Hollywood doorway to his life. He married a well known movie actress and lived the life with a big Hollywood mansion, that was part of a TV series on how the Movie Stars live. He was living his life the way he wanted to and he could now show the world how to succeed all on your own. But we see in the Bible how pride is treated , Proverbs 16. verses 18 and 19, ” Pride goes before destruction. And a haughty spirit before a fall. Better to be of a humble spirit with the lowly, Than to divide the spoil with the proud.”

In a matter of time he found himself losing his beautiful home in Hollywood, expensive living style and even his family split with his wife and daughter leaving him. Sure he could still sing with his Irish Tenor voice and he traveled the country from coast to coast singing at worldly groups and nightclubs. He wondered often why had he lost it all but the Lord never was a part of his life. As age added years on his life he wondered what he had to live for. Then one day he visited his daughter and the grandchildren he had never seen in Redding, California. He saw a Christian home, it was so much different and even found himself attending church after all those many years. While there his daughter told him he was just a shell of a man, living a terrible life and she had been praying for sometime that he would see the answer to life was with Jesus. That next Sunday in church, Michael O’Shea, accepted the Lord as his Savior and that night was baptized as he made a public confession of faith in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to the whole world. It was an answer to prayer and Michael left his sin world behind and gave his burdens of the past to the Lord to carry and he started a whole new life serving the Lord.

Often times we hear Christian music singers and we wonder if the message is real. Each song he sang had a tremendous message right from the heart with real feeling and love for the lost as he reached out to them He had now found real peace and loved to quote to everyone John 14-6. ” I am the way, the truth and the life, no man comes unto the Father but by Me. ” Michael says he had now found the answer to life and it has a purpose. I told him, before he went home to be with the Lord, how he had been the best of friends all those years, how I appreciated him flying back from New York City while on tour to sing at my son’s wedding and I wished I could have done more to help in his ministry. He became a Christian man late in his life but the devil lost the battle and we also can all live a life for the Lord, if we put our Hope, Trust, and Faith in the Lord and repent of our sins. He is there to reach out His loving arms to us what ever our condition and carry us to the higher ground. Thank you Michael O’Shea for being a part of my life and we strengthen each other as Christian brothers, and we found the answer to life.

Trust we will all be in the church of our choice this Sunday worshipping our gracious and loving Lord Jesus Christ.

God Bless America

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Christian Newspaper writer in California

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