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I Need to Trust Myself Trusting in God

By Stanley Hasegawa

Help me to trust you more, Lord. Allow me to trust myself trusting in you. Things don’t turn out the way I think they should. I seem to spend a lot of time accomplishing very little. I give up or give out so easily. Help me to persevere, to work on in hope in spite of past failures. Help me to trust myself trusting in you so I can work with your energy in me and sustain doing my best for you.

Help me to stop doubting you and getting mad at you whenever I discover that I failed to discern and do what was best for me. Help me to stop judging the rightness of your righteousness in my life. Help me to acknowledge that I don’t really know what is best for me.  You promised to make my crooked paths straight if I would, in all my ways, just trust myself trusting in you. Help me to trust not just in your promise, but also in the rightness of me acting to trust in you.

Help me to live out what you mean when you say that you desire mercy and not perfect sacrifices.  Help me to place my hope in you by hoping in the rightness and goodness of whatever you direct me to do.

Help me to celebrate you, not just in the heavens, not just among the nations, but also in my life. Help me to simply trust myself trusting in you, so that I can let go of me and walk by faith and not by sight.

I am richly blessed in my marriage. I have two grown children. I am semi-retired. I have been a computer programmer, systems analyst, househusband and homeschool teacher. I love to walk, talk and eat, and write short articles about devoting our lives to Jesus.

Article Source: http://www.faithwriters.com <a href=”http://www.faithwriters.com”>CHRISTIAN WRITERS</a>

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