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In The Palm Of God’s Hand?

By Sandor Balog

Through His prophet Micah, God clearly stated that Jesus was to be born in Bethlehem. However, He did not reveal the exact time of Jesus’ birth. The only thing the chief-priests and scribes at the time of Herod were able to know was that the four hundred and eighty-three (483) years (sixty-nine (69) x seven (7) year-weeks) pointed to the Messiah (The Book of Daniel). We can read about the time when “the word to restore and to rebuild Jerusalem was going forth” in the Book of Nehemiah, Chapter 2. Today, we can actually identify the event that the period of four hundred and eighty-three (483) years points to. It is the BAPTISM of Jesus. We may well presume that the reason why this event could not be determined beforehand was that God wanted to conceal the exact time of Jesus’ birth in order to protect His Son’s life. Two factors were unknown: firstly, Jesus’ lifetime on earth of thirty-three (33) and a half years, secondly, the event that is signified by ”until the Messiah” in Daniel’s prophecy concerning the four hundred and eighty-three (483) years. These two unknowns in the “equation” made the date of Jesus’ birth impossible to calculate. God used “outsiders”, i. e. the Magi, to announce that the Messiah had been born.

To be frank, I have been wondering why my essay entitled “How Could Jesus Have Spent Three Days And Three Nights In The Tomb?” having been viewed/read by over 13,000 people and my book entitled Palm Wednesday, available since September 29, 2010, have not become widely known in the US media as yet. I have contacted all the major US magazines and papers, airmailing them copies of my book, but to no avail. Until now, over 60,000 people have had the opportunity to read my 19 articles at Faithreaders and to obtain information, both directly and indirectly, about the issue of the 3 days and 3 nights Jesus spent in the tomb (the sign of Jonah, Mat 12:40). So far, I have had no feedback to any of my articles. It is strange at the very least. Both the essay and the book reveal the EXACT DATES of the four major events of Jesus’ earthly life: His BIRTH, BAPTISM, DEATH and RESURRECTION. No one in human history HAS EVER EVEN MADE AN ATTEMPT to determine any of these dates. At Faithreaders, I also published an article entitled “Why Is It Nearly Impossible To Break Through The Wall Of Resistance?”, which describes the presently hopeless situation in making these important biblical and historical dates public. Although, I am waiting for a breakthrough in the US media, I can only surmise that it may be God’s intention to defend me in person from any unnecessary and dangerous attacks by slowing down the process of disseminating such facts, which, in the opinion of certain religious leaders, at least, should not be revealed anyway. Especially if we consider that, apart from the risk of becoming discredited, which is a threat to mainstream media theologians and top churchmen, including the Pope, huge amounts of money are at stake! And the show must go on!

Perhaps, I should be satisfied with the rather limited publicity these important dates have gained thus far. According to my estimate, I cannot reach more than about 100,000 people a year with this good news. Well, I do not know how long I shall be capable of proclaiming this important message and how many days are left until Jesus returns. (At least it is some comfort to me to know that I have managed to sow the seeds: there are several thousands of people who know about my articles that can be read at Faithwriters, Faithreaders, and some other websites, and the book is available too.) Is it then the “strait gate” that is referred to in Mat 7:14? Is it possible that only a limited number of people will be privileged enough to recognize the vital importance of the only sign Jesus gave before He comes to “separate the sheep from the goats” at the end of the days?

Well, I can only ask you to redeem the time, because the days are evil (Ephesians 5:16), to read my articles at Faithreaders and to strive to be one of those believing in and disseminating the good news about the sign of Jonah.

God bless you!

by Sandor Balog

Word Count: 731

Copyright: free

URL: http://www.magyarbattila.hu

Sandor Balog (pen name: Attila B. Magyar), author of Palm Wednesday.

Article Source: http://www.faithwriters.comCHRISTIAN WRITER

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