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Is Ida The Lemur The Missing Link Or Missing Science?

Is Ida The Lemur The Missing Link Or Missing Science?
By Michael Shoesmith

Well I’m sure everyone’s heard about Ida by now. You Know, that cute little lemur skeleton the whole world is talking about. Yes, there are in fact primatologists out there who think people may have jumped the proverbial gun on this one so to speak and think it may only be a lemur skeleton.

On Tuesday, the ninteenth, I was sent the actual peer review article from PLoS ONE. That is the science journal which published the scientific data collected by the scientists over the course of two years for peer review. From that point on the media storm surrounding this was enormous. Media from all around the world hyped this up as the “missing link”. Creationists would really be in trouble now, eh! These were the headlines from media sources all over the globe. “Missing Link Found” and “Scientists Find Missing Link” and so on. From the Guardian in the Uk to Yahoo News to your local radio station. It was the echo heard around the world. “THE MISSING LINK HAS BEEN FOUND”.

There are, as you might have guessed, a few (ahem) problems with all of this.

First of all, there is nothing new or spectaclar about any of this. The claim has been made that this picture (of Ida) will be in school textbooks for the next one hundred years but has everyone forgotten Piltdown Man? Discovered in 1912 in a village near Uckfield, East Sussex, England, the scull fragments were thought by many “experts” to be fossilized remains of early man and likewise trumpeted as the “Missing Link”. The hoax was published and appeared in school textbooks for over forty years before it was discovered to be a forgery in 1953. It turned out to be the lower jawbone of an orangutan that had been deliberately combined with the scull of a fully developed modern human.

There is an even greater embarrassment in store for the atheistic evolutionist community with all of this. You see, for many years now they have claimed to be in posession of enough transitional fossils to close the books on the debate between evolutionism and creationism. Why in the world is it such a big deal all of a sudden that a missing link has been found when they’ve supposedly had all the evidence they would ever need to call creationists radical fundies and lift themselves up as the lone scientific authority? Allow me to enlighten you about the motives here. The evolutionist community gets most, if not all, of the scientific funding right now. Piltdown Man was an attempt to keep the money flowing. The imaginary fossil record they have is also a designed illusion to keep the grants coming. So, too, was Archeoraptor and the list goes on and on. The hype is designed to keep the self proclaimed animals out of the unemployment line. This is big business, folks. The person who had the Ida fossil was asking one million dollars for it. Richard Dawkins has made millions selling books which teach your children that they are nothing more than animals.

People really do need to learn how to read between the lines with these extraordinary claims. This one is going to be examined by some highly intelligent individuals who aren’t swayed by money or fame. They simply want the truth and it could very well turn out to be another Piltdown Man or at very best just a really old lemur.

My name is Michael D. Shoesmith and I am the Internet Pastor. I have written and published five books. I own and regularly contribute to two blogs. I also own several YouTube properties including internetpastortv and educatingtheatheists. Feel free to join me at http://www.prosperousindividual.com

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