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Jesus Has His Hands Raised

By Rick King

Have you ever cried out to God for Him to come into your life or meeting and be in charge? Have you ever wanted Him alone to run things?

Some time ago we were having prayer meetings in the morning then a fellowship and Bible study in the evening the same day. I am one to pray in the spirit till the Lord shows me what to pray. This particular time I had heard many at some point asking the Lord to come and lead the times we had. Yet, it seemed that there was always an agenda of some person that seemed to dictate what always took place in the meeting.

This particular day I had a vision of sorts. I knew that Jesus was sitting in a chair with his hands raised saying may I speak? You asked me to come and I did but you won’t let me speak. My heart just seemed to break; as I so knew that Jesus wanted to run the meeting and accomplish His Fathers will yet people were just not sensitive to the Holy Spirit and even knew that he was there. It seems that so often we do what we want and ask the Lord to bless our efforts. We have it so backwards. Our efforts are futile. Flesh never will please God. We seem to think that the Lord is working for us rather than us working with Him.

I really love the scripture in Zechariah 4:6 that says not by might nor by power but by my spirit saith the Lord. It has to be by His spirit alone if it is really of Him. How do we find out what is of Him then? This is where the cost comes in and is why few seem to want to go there. People must give up their own plans and agendas. They must empty themselves of self and wait on the Lord to get his directions and plans so that when they actually do something it will be anointed of the Holy Spirit and produce fruit for God’s kingdom alone. Does Jesus have his hands raised in your meeting and wants to say something? He is a gentleman and he won’t force himself on anyone. We must want and allow him to rule. It is always our choice.

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I am a 61 year old Born-Again spirit filled Christian, that has been saved for 30 years. Jesus found me when I was suicidal. I learned real quickly that I was powerless to be in control of my life, so I let Jesus take over. He has chosen me to be a warrior for Him. WE win, if we fight His way.

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