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Let the FIRST thing become the FIRST thing in your life

By Shemariah Yeung

What is our FIRST thing for being a Christian in God’s family? What about the FIRST thing?

Being a Christian, we celebrate our relationship with the Lord, especially we can now enjoy the peace of God in us as we are made right with God through Christ Jesus. Yes, we should celebrate this truth, the truth of Jesus that set us all free from guilt and shame, we no longer need to be fearful of God, but we can come boldly to the throne of God (see Hebrews).

Yet, we as Christians also need to be awake to the truth that, we need to fulfill the ‘commission’ God has given to each one of us, you and me. We have a share in the ‘commission’ just like you work for a company and you share the ‘commission’ you work for too. With God’s command to us as His followers, we are to remain faithful in His calling to us, we MUST not that we have to, but we MUST FULFILL our callings, we MUST do what God has commanded us to do if we are to be called ‘His people’.

As we shall all see with our eyes and ears about what is happening in the world around us, we might feel ‘well, those things must not be coming to us, they are so far away from us, we live in a very safe land….’. Please hang on a minute, God in His words will not lie to us, whatever He has said in the Bible will be fulfilled in the end.

We shall take heart when we read His words, and know that the ‘end time’ is indeed at hand. Do not be deceived by saying to yourself, ‘those things are far from us…we won’t get affected.’ If you think like this, you are greatly deceived yourself, because the Bible says so, and so be it.

It’s time to re-arrange our life’s priority. What is your first thing in life? Would that be your career, family and other things? Do you have ‘God’ in your priority at all that you would love to serve Him and do something for the poor??

Or was it all about ‘money’ in your priority in life?? If it is so, I pray that you will repent and turn your heart to the Almighty God and ask Him to reveal His heart to you, and you humbly follow His.

Let us turn our focus on God’s Kingdom now. For the time is very near…We will see earthquakes, a lot of terrible things will soon be happening to the world…..as clearly as what the Bible has already told us, let us not to take light of what God has said to us, let us pray with sincerely and ask God to forgive our nations for any sins we have committed. As one body of Christ, shall we pray for ourselves and neighbours that we will be able to stand firm when we see God face to face. Amen.

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