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Let us stop offending the Most Holy One

By Faith C

Good Morning Friends, I’ve spent many hours through the night praying and the Lord put many things on my heart today. I remembered this beautiful song ‘O To Be Like Thee’, I used to sing in Church as a child and found this lovely one on http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qsSOUqSAD0g. Please hear it and let God touch you in a special way.

Tears fell down as I remembered the days of my youth and how we loved Jesus and revered Him in Church. I ached because I have lost that special fellowship with Him in Churches today.

Our God has not changed, but we have changed the way we worship Him. For a while, I too changed along with the new trend at Churches, it is very easy to get caught and follow the crowd. However, God is showing me He is unhappy with the way we worship Him. We’ve got rock bands, jumping, clapping and people dancing instead of the days of old, where we would kneel in awe of our Blessed Saviour.

It’s only when God opens our eyes, that we can see clearly

I walked into a service some weeks ago and the music was blaring and the worship leader jumping up and down as he strummed his electric guitar. If I had not known this was a Church and saw a silent clip of him and his team on a video, I would have thought this was a rock band. I hesitate to go and hear them worship again. Their sermons are wonderful but the style of worship has put me off!

What has happened to us? Where did we go wrong? I think I know, the world has entered our Churches and the devil is laughing because that’s what he intended. The devil is the ring leader in causing irreverence to God and unknowingly we get entrapped by his tactics. Wasn’t he in charge of worship in heaven? He turned against God and was kicked out of heaven with a third of the angels who followed him. What do you think is his main attack today, and where will he attack God from?

Let’s bring reverence back into our Churches. Let it only be a holy place serving a Most Holy God. Let’s refuse to partake of all irreverent music and behavior. Let us walk out if the Church is offending God and not partake of her food but before we do, talk to the Leaders for it is fair to give them a chance and let them reconsider their ways. If they continue their ways, should we continue to be in it?

Heaven is on its knees crying out “Holy, Holy, Holy” and we fail so miserably.

God is calling out today to awaken us from our sleep. He is calling out to men and women and Church leaders who are ready to hear Him and change their entire Church in true devotion and adoration.

“Throw away your filthy garments” He calls out “For they stink before Me”.

I pray that each of us will face God today and hear what He is saying to us individually and collectively and act upon His words today. Let’s not continue to offend Him for on the Day of Judgement He may say “Depart from Me, I never knew you.”


“O God, have mercy on us. Please touch our hearts and minds and bring about a permanent and total change. We are sorry for offending You both knowingly and unknowingly. In Your mercy and compassion, You reach out to us yet again. I pray dear Lord that You will touch hearts today and lead them to what You want them to do by this message. In Jesus’ Name I pray and surrender it all to You. Amen.”

“Let us humble ourselves and turn towards God today. Let not our faults or failings prevent us from reaching out to God. He is waiting for us as a Prodigal Father to return to Him and ready to change us and teach us His ways.”

Article Source: http://www.faithwriters.comCHRISTIAN WRITERMAKE A WEBSITE

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