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Letting Go

By Rick King

Often we can get our self into trouble because we seem to forget some things. We are in the world, but not of it. Our focus gets so on temporal worldly things that we forget that we are a spirit being designed to fulfill a master plan of the Lord. Though we accept Jesus and are born again, somehow we forget that we gave our life to Him to use and do with what He pleases. We seem to get saved but then go about living for self and satisfying our fleshly desires. The Bible says that we are to be crucified with Christ. Crucified means our natural carnal self nature is put to death. Like Paul says, it is no longer I that liveth but Christ that liveth in me. A dead man can’t want things. If we will yield to the Holy Spirit and allow Him to reign and rule we will find life comes by His Spirit alone. We can have all that the world or flesh has to offer but the problem is we are not really fulfilled or happy. It is only the Spirit that gives to us life.

Mr 4:19 And the cares of this world, and the deceitfulness of riches, and the lusts of other things entering in, choke the word, and it becometh unfruitful.

So how do we make this transition?

Letting go seems to make no sense to our natural. It seems that until we are able, we keep God’s hands tied so that He cannot do what He wants to do, which by the way is always for our good. The Lord used Hebrews 13:1 for months on me about laying aside every weight. The things we hold on too, people and material things are a weight to us though we can’t see it. There is such a freedom in the spirit that comes to our spirit when we are able to let go. Over the years I have found that when I have let go that I was actually happier. Things I let go of I always seem to have when needed but I don’t have to deal with them by owning them. I really believe that we have believed this lie that we must own things to have them. This has to do with our trust in Him. We seem to have this false security. He provides our needs when we need them. I remember when I had to live in the car for six weeks. Boy what a revelation that was. I realized the differences between needs and wants. So many things that I thought was a need was only a want. It was only satisfying my flesh and did nothing for my spirit. When I am in his presence, it is amazing how nothing of this world even enters into my mind. I feel no loss without anything as long as I am just close to Him. I think that is what the Lord is trying to accomplish in all of us. I think of the scripture about the cares of this world choking Him out. It is so true. The cares of this world are only a weight to our spirit and will keep us from entering into what He really has planned for us. Even when I went from a steady job to having to walk by faith. The transition was very difficult. My flesh was not real happy to say the least. I got used to so many things and thought I had to have them. Yet once the Lord weaned me of things, I was freer and happier than I ever was.

People we hold on too are the same. I learned a real lesson with a friend of mine. He took on the responsibility of His mom. The problem was he ended up frustrated and angry because he couldn’t help with what was needed. He forgot that she was first God’s responsibility and that God loved her more than he did. Once he let go God did things so fast. God’s burden is light. The enemy will always try to weigh us down with burdens that we can’t even pray through. If it is God, it will be light and prayer will give us a release. All others are false burdens. No matter what we do as long as we carry them there is no relief from the weight. Letting go can be tough I know..been there done that over and over. I just know that we are always happier and freer once we can. The old statement we use to say..Let go and Let God..is so very true. The Lord told me once and I hold to it strongly now. What other people do is not your problem. Just do what I tell you to do, and I will take care of the rest. Our responsibility is only to be obedient to Him. He has other people he chooses to use also that he has chosen to help people that he has not asked us to help. I see it as a very narrow focus that we must have. It is what Jesus did. What he saw his Father do He did, what He heard him speak, He spoke. That was all.

That is what the Lord desires for us and how we are to walk in this world. If we take on the cares of this world we are weighted down. We are a spirit being in a body. We should be living to feed our spirit not our body. Weights keep us from doing that. Our focus gets on things or people no matter that it may seem right. I like the scripture there is a way that seemeth right unto man but the end thereof are the ways of death. Somehow he gets our emotions and will out of the way like He did with Jesus so we can just do what He wants alone. The freedom is greatthe transition to that place can be real tough.

If we can just learn that what God does is more for eternal things than temporal. Living on earth is not really our life. It is just a training and a time of preparation for eternity. Somehow we seem to try to park here and build a kingdom that will never stand. Especially in these times we need to become more eternal minded than temporal minded. The eternal is forever, The world and the cares in and of this world are temporal. We just need to draw near to Him and let Him be Lord instead of us. His thoughts and ways may be higher but they are also things that produce life and happiness within us.

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I am a 61 year old Born-Again spirit filled Christian, that has been saved for 30 years. Jesus found me when I was suicidal. I learned real quickly that I was powerless to be in control of my life, so I let Jesus take over. He has chosen me to be a warrior for Him. WE win, if we fight His way.

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