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Living By The Spirit

By Datzy Uchetzton

It is unchristian for a child of God in the in the body of Christ to get weary in good deeds,  either to the people around him or to the brethren.  No matter the denomination of the brethren in need.

A christian need to live by the example of the Lord, who lived doing good to all. Living in the Spirit makes one ready to serve rather to be served. However, how are you living out your christian life in your area?  Anyone there without means to live as in food or job to support himself and family?  What are you doing to help him to thinkless of his problems.

Do you only comfort him with the word of the scripture or you back your word with material needs as the Lord provided for you?Be like the good Samaritan and not like the Priest or the Levite,Lk.10:29-35.

Think it over,for you know yourself better.Jesus said “Blessed is the merciful,for they shall obtain mercy”,  Matt.5:7.

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