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Love of Money

By Sundaresh Venugopal

A question often arises in ones mind as to whether money is good or evil and those unlearned and unschooled in the bible are regrettably chided for allegedly misquoting the biblical adage,”Love of money is the root of all evil” as simply, “Money is the root of all evil”. In my opinion, the later vituperation voiced by someone seduced and scorched by money rings more true than the similar insinuation contained in the former euphemism.

When we consider the original saying, there are only two significant terms there, “Love” and “Money”. If money was not evil but really good, why should loving something good be evil ? One might as well say, God is good, but loving God is evil, which is a contradiction in terms to say the least if not also blasphemous. If being good is not necessary, Why should God himself have to be good ?, and why should you expect him to be so ?, and why should you have to try to be like god ?

If the above argument is not convincing enough,

1) If there is no light in the room, the room is _______ .

2) If I say, “I do not love you”, it means , “I _______ you”.

3) If one must not love money, one must _______ money.

The fact that people would sooner damn love than damn money clearly tells me where their affections truly lie, what their heart truly beats for, what they secretly love, what they worship, what is their God. This despite knowing full well, that all the God’s from the one true God, to the countless false ones, all have said of themselves, “I am love”, and never said, “I am money”.

Admitted that money does have a way of eroding values, corrupting morals, and debasing character in general, not to mention, making those who have newly found wealth alienate the less fortunate, but having said that it is still touted as a palliative of sorts if not as a panacea of promise, and there isn’t a person in this world who wouldn’t sell their soul, for the right price, if they haven’t already done so.

Jesus says, “I am the way. I am the truth. I am the life”, but people of this world say,
“Money is both the means and an end in itself. Money is the bottom-line. Money buys you a life both here and hereafter.” . But what is the way of the serpent ? It is the crookedest, you
will ever see or ever conceive. What is the truth of the serpent ? He has a two-forked tongue for double speak and he spews out venom. What is the life of the serpent ? Certainly not out in the open, but lurking in holes and in corners preying on creatures of his own kind.

Wealth has never begotten virtue. It only brings with it the damnation of the soul. If you are given 1 buck, the first thought that crosses your mind is not to be charitable with it, but to
make 10 more ?

If indeed as the word is falsely preached from the pulpit and dissipated, the Gospel is for
enriching the poor, show me a single instance in it where Jesus multiplied money to enrich
the poor. He did pull out money from the mouth of a fish to pay peter’s and his own taxes, however the irony there, which Jesus himself brings out, is another topic. Jesus’ highest praise was reserved for an aged widow who gave up the only two mites she had to depend solely on him.If God returns money with interest, and others gave substantially more, why did he not return, that aged widows money, with interest, from the very same till,
then and there. When Lazarus died, Jesus could have done what all rich people do, and given Lazarus an expensive send-off. After all, being a dear one of Jesus, Lazarus must have surely gone to heaven. Why was it necessary for Jesus to resurrect Lazarus from the dead to a life of striving back here on earth. Would Lazarus not have been happier where he was, presumably heaven ?

There are those who maintain that they should love Jesus because he is good for the money.It is abundantly clear that for such people their true love is money disguised as the love of Jesus, and Jesus is merely a means to that end. A Jesus who didn’t endlessly supply them with money is inconceivable to them. To justify their theory, they say Jesus himself was not just spiritually prosperous but also materially prosperous. But I say, contrary to popular belief, material loss is the price for spiritual gain. Spirituality can only be gained by the loss of materialism. Poverty in wealth does not constitute poverty in spirit as most preachers falsely conclude. After all, what does it profit a man if he gains the world but loses his soul. If Jesus was rich, how come he footed it all his life. All I have is a pocket book of the New Testament which has a small map drawn to scale of Israel during that period. Judging by the scale I can see that he must have walked hell of a lot during his life, including on water on a stormy sea, and on all the barren and mountainous terrain of that region. He frequently went up a mountain to be alone to pray. The only time he hitched a ride on borrowed conveyance was to storm his own temple instead of the occupying roman stronghold, to the shrill and elated cries of little children and not the savage war-cry of trained soldiers.

Jesus’ own account of, or shall we say take on, money, are only too revealing and rancid, and depending on your love, either reassuring or unsettling.

1) That you cannot serve two masters, God and Money. That you will always be more loyal and more faithful to one over the other.

2) That you should give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar, and give to God what belongs to God, meaning God did not expect your money.

3) That hoarding wealth will not make your life safe. That you should store treasures
in heaven and not on earth.

4) That it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to
get into the kingdom. Thus far at least, in all renditions of that verse in the bible, it is
still “a needle” and not “the needle”, as it should have been if it were, as sneakily and
suspiciously suggested, a reference to some side-gate in Jerusalem, more dubitably than
providentially christened even before the coming of Christ as, “The eye of the needle”.
Future versions might correct this oversight, but I am happy to think of the needle as the
smallest one of its kind and the camel as the largest one of its kind. If indeed,
“There are some things that man cannot do, but God can do anything”, as every man says,
“Can every man be true and God be a liar ? “.

Talk about tel-evangelists misrepresenting Jesus. If according to Jesus’ own claim,
1) He is the only way.
2) It is finished.
3) He is an obedient son, seated beside his father waiting for his enemies to be made
his footstool.

Does he now have to despair and frantically adopt any and every means to get his message across or to accomplish any other end than what he has already done ? Is Jesus so inadequate in himself that he now has to need the use of money to save ? Is Jesus greater than money or is money greater than Jesus ?

I will end by saying that one must count only on Jesus and not on money.If this seems like
sermonizing, at least it is not to pass the collection plate at the end, or as it is done these days the offering at the beginning itself, so you always only get your money’s worth of Godly ways to make money.

Am a computer programmer. Thanks to Jesus,
have developed excellent s/w which I will put
out freely very shortly.

Article Source: http://www.faithwriters.comCHRISTIAN WRITER

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