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By Rose Davenport

Notes: February 23, 2012 Bible Notes Subject Love Sermon


Praise be to Jesus our Lord and Savior. Thank You Holy spirit for giving me insight into these Scriptures. May the Lord open the eyes and ears of our heart? So we may see and hear what the Lord is saying. May he give us Revelation into these Scriptures.


In Genesis the Lord talks about the marriage between Jacob and Leah and Rachel.

In Gensis God tells us a story of the first woman in the bible that did not receive love from her husband.

Open your bibles to Genesis 28:1

Isaac called in Jacob, then gave him blessing, and said donât marry any of those Canaanite women.

Genesis 28:2: Go at once to your motherâs father Bethuel in northern Syria and chose a wife from one of the daughters of Laban your motherâs brother. So Jacob came to the land were his relative lived.

Genesis 29:18

The bible says and Jacob loved Rachel; so he said, I will work for you seven years for Rachel your younger daughter.

Genesis 29:19

and Laban said it better that I give her to you then to another man. Stay and live with me. Now: The bible says in

Genesis 29:20

Jacob stayed and worked seven years for Rachel. And that it seem like to him but a few days. Because he loved her so much.

Keep this is mind Jacob wasnât getting paid at that time. He wasnât getting any sheep or goat out of the deal. So you know he must have loved Rachal and wanted her badly. Brothers are you willing to work seven years for free, for a women? Are you willing to work one day, six month, a year. Itâs hardly unlikely See you would have to wait for sex, a kiss. Are you willing to wait for your bride? Now: you know he saw her all the time you know he couldnât have sex with her. Can you image seeing the women you love every day? Can you wait or will you sneak behind closed doors and steal the cookies. He had to wait seven years before he could have sex with her. (So he thought) . Jacob was patient, boy was he patients. How many of you are that patient? Jacob can teach us a thing or two about patients

Image: Jacob the last day of the seven year. Image how excited he was, you know he bath, shaved, put on his best garments combed his hair. Put on cologne. I bet he looked good and smelled good too. I can image the smile on his face he was just a cheese that morning.

Finally getting what he labored for all these years. Worked for no pay. He finally was getting his wife, Rachel whom his heart belong to. So he went to Laban and asks for his wife.

The bible says Laban gave a feast, with drinking Genesis 29:22

I suppose everybody was drunk at least surely Jacob was he had to be. When I was reading these Scriptures I thought how did Jacob not know he was lying with Leah? I guess it must have been real dark in the tent. I mean did she keep her veil on? (Iâm just asking) He must have been drunk. I guess thatâs why we shouldnât get drunk

Think about how furious Jacobs was, how angry and hurt he was. He was tricked into marrying a woman he didnât love or want. If someone had tricked you like that wouldnât you be discussed with them? And anyone that took part in it. Wouldnât you want to kill them?

Jacob may have resented Leah just a little bit. He may have taken his angry out on Leah. I donât mean that he physically abused her. But maybe unintentionally, he abused her emotionally. (donât quote me Iâm just saying

But his love for Rachel was so great he was still faithful and determine to have her . He was willing to work another seven years. Most of us would have thrown in the towel; we would have said forget it. We would have let our angry run us away.

Genesis 29:30

and Jacob lived with Rachel also as his wife, and he loved Rachel more then Leah. And served Laban another seven years.

Now: think of Leah for a moment, Think about how she felt. She was the first wife. She had the first week with him. She lived with her husband; she got to know his thoughts, his facial expression. Think about how she watched her husband look at another women. How every time he saw Rachal his eyes would light up , how he would smile when he saw her. You know he talked sweet to Rachal , you know he wooed her.

Leah watched as Jacob showed all his loved and affection on Rachal

Now donât get me wrong Jacob did his duty he provided for her, he gave her food, clothes, shelter he had sex with her but he most likely didnât make love to her. Iâm not saying he was cruel to Leah but when a man doesnât love his wife thatâs a form of cruelty in its self. He most likely didnât woo her; he didnât sweep her off her feet.

Leah resentment of her sister must have grown daily. She must have hated her sister.

She prayed her husband would love her. She like most of us today want our husband to love us. She didnât pray for children just because she wanted them, she like most of us pray to God because we want our husband to love us, some of us have been put in a position that we are begging God to make our husband love us. We pray, we look good to our husband, we have good jobs, make a lot of money so our husbands will love us.

In Genesis 29:31

The Lord knew that Jacob loved Rachel more then he did Leah, and so he gave children to Leah, but not Rachel She was happy and felt bless by God that he showed favor on her that he blessed her with six boys. She thought surely my husband would love me now. But Jacob never turned his heart to Leah.

Leah tells us how angry and resentful she felt of her sister she shares her heart with us.

In Genesis 30:14-15 the contemporary English version

It says bad enough that you stole my husband now you want my sonâs love flowers too.

As I read this Scripture I thought why would God allow Leah to be married to Jacob. God knew the trickery Laban would use to get his older daughter married. Why didnât he stop it? But as I read these Scripture I realize that God was building nation that Leah had a greater purpose then to be loved by a man. She was to take part in the building of nation God was still multiply and building the nation yet to be realize. If Leah would have realize her purpose her destiny if she would have realize she was playing a part bigger then herself, bigger than a manâs love. If she would have realized that it didnât matter if her husband loved her or not she would have been happy to serve the Lord in this way. She would have been much happier if she would have realized her destiny.

This brings me to todayâs women itâs a whole much of us thatâs married to men that donât love us. Iâm not telling you one way or another to stay or go. But I will tell you that Jesus is your eternal husband and he will love you more than any man could and will. You must realize that once we accept Jesus as our Lord and Savior, We have married our self to him and he has accepted us as his bride. And once we do this we must realize that he is our very strength, our protector. Our comforter and our friend. As you examine your earthy husband as you spend time with your earthy husband, you must spend time with your spiritual husband to get to know him. You must go on a honeymoon with him. No matter whatâs going on, remember you have an eternal husband and when your earthy husband donât love you remember God is always first and for most he will give you the love you want and deserve. As you are one of his.

Rose Davenport

Rose Davenport was born on the west side of Chicago IL. I love Jesus he is my Lord and Savior. I continue build a personal relationship to my Lord and Savior. Still holding on to a dream. What is a man who do not dream?

Article Source: http://www.faithwriters.comCHRISTIAN WRITER

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