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Mutual faith

By jacqui julyan aka shofargirl a servant unto Jesus Christ

Romans 1 v 12

“That is, that I may be comforted together with you by the mutual faith both of you and me”

As I turned the radio off this morning I sat quietly with the LORD and his Word.

I had walked my dog, picked up the shopping for the day and fed both my cat and dog. I made myself comfortable and mused in my heart ‘Well Lord what have you to say to me today?’

Picking up Gods Word in faith is our food, our very life!

I thank God with joy too that I can finally sit down and understand some of the deeper mysteries of God his church. I say this because truly it is a mystery and a gift that God opens the eyes of the blind and brings understanding to the simple.

In the above scripture Paul here speaks openly that he too is looking for comfort from the brethren and here this word ‘mutual’ is very important.

The actual meaning of the word mutual is:

‘ to describe feelings or actions shared by two or more equally’

As I understood this word in context with the scripture words of Jesus came to my mind straight away that when two or three are gathered there Jesus is, thus continually fulfilling scripture in completeness.

It is interesting to note that here the true meaning is about heartfelt feelings. The meeting with Paul and the Gods people in Rome was of a sincere and open faith. The spirit of the adopted family that cries Abba father, the true family of God.

Paul a servant of Jesus Christ speaks imploringly from the heart. His words bring correction, comfort, teaching and the bringing of spiritual gifts. He bears his soul, his life, indeed Paul’s life belonged to Christ and he rejoiced in his sufferings amidst much prayer.

In v 11 “For I long to see you….”

What beautiful heartfelt words these are “For I long to see you”. The need for fellowship with mutual believers is part of Gods will and plan for our lives in all circumstances whether they are in joy or in suffering. The need for comfort both from fellow believers is essential in both our words and actions are to be in love. For God is love.

I had the lovely pleasure of seeing a sister a mutual believer in Jesus. We had tea and cake together in the local gardens and shared what the Lord had done in our lives and wonder of new things unravelling before our very eyes. It was a real joy. We also shared our sufferings too and our families concerns. It was a true blessing. Jesus was with us in the gardens. I too longed for a long time to meet up with true believers with mutual affections after a time of great sorrow and tribulation and this too did my sister suffered too. We were comforted, strengthened and rejoiced together.

Paul’s longing to see the people, true brethren of the faith drew such love that he spoke of his longing. A longing Christ speaks of bringing His Bride together with the Bridegroom. Christ the true and faithful example. Paul always sought to emulate and could only do so with the precious gift of the Holy Spirit. He thought more of the Body of Christ than his own life.

Thus again fulfilling scripture that it is better to lose one’s life to save it than to try and keep it and lose it into hell for all eternity.

v 13 …”I purposed to come unto you…. that I might have some fruit among you also, even as among the gentiles….”

This was no coffee morning get together, neither meeting mates down the pub or even social chit chat at the Sunday church. No this was true heartfelt mutual fellowship with brethren and was wrought through many tribulations, opposition and great anxiety on both sides.

Those in sincere fruitful relationship with Jesus share their fruits together not ashamed at the workings of the Holy Spirit, this too brings great comfort and makes God to be true and every man a liar.

“Paul, a servant of Jesus Christ” …. Romans 1 v 1

It is very significant that Paul here speaks of himself as “a servant” signifying that he was not privy to a club of exclusivity but a body, the Body of Christ. A oneness, a mutual joining of relationships one to another serving one another. He was one of many servants.

If Paul were the only one it would have said that he was ‘the servant of Jesus Christ’. This explains very much his distress of anyone following any other than Christ himself! See how one word mis-translated can nullify the Word of God such is the precious precision of God’s word that does on closer inspection not leading men into contradiction or mis-understanding.

Truly the wisdom of God is beyond our comprehension!

Rivalry, contentions, jealousy, envy and power are considered normal in the church since the beginning and inception of the birth of the church and are even more so today.

There are many workings of the anti-Christ.

False sincerity cloaked in lasciviousness, greed for appraisal just as in the world. These have led many to follow the angel of light.

The waters are muddied. The Word of God is not used in the right spirit, the Holy Spirit. Many in the church hold the truth in unrighteousness.

“For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who hold the truth in unrighteousness” ….

Romans v 18

In times past Paul a Pharisee a learned man of the scriptures acted in ignorance. It took a revelation from Jesus Christ himself to change his direction not only physically but spiritually too. His eyes opened. His heart opened to the truth and walked in humility and holding the Word of God in all righteousness.


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