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My Pencil War

By louis gander

It will erase the phrase it writes,

that’s written on a page –

at other times it writes more words…

it’s difficult to gage.

There is a war that’s going on,

that’s not on land or sea.

A thousand times my pencil flips,

the two just can’t agree.

The selfish lead, the soft eraser –

the two can’t get along.

They both appear so far apart.

Each thinks the other wrong.

Their battles seem to linger on –

Confusion wills to grow.

This poem is of truth and love.

Conclusions, can we know?

Am I just like my pencil,

that I take off the shelf –

fumbling between my fingers,

at war within myself?

Am I just like my pencil,

in incoherent bind?

Does warring begin or finish,

within my mixed-up mind?

Seek I, the left, or to my right –

or back, or simply stop?

My mind runs in full circles as

the pencil fights nonstop.

The truth still lives – the answer, one,

to settle this whole score –

until then I, a traitor am,

inside my pencil war.

The truthful words, I’ll never find,

or my complete reward –

unless I search the Holy Word

and listen to my Lord.

I compromise my writing,

and it is always blurred –

if I can’t lay my pencil down

to comprehend God’s Word.

Copywrite 2004-2012 louis gander ALL RIGHTS RESERVED


Written 3-20-12 by louis gander. FREE to print and use ONLY with copyright information included – NOT for resale.

Article Source: http://www.faithwriters.comCHRISTIAN WRITERMAKE A WEBSITE

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