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Occupy Christ

By Denise Isaac

I know that the pressure may be great and the confusion may be vast but there is truly hope in your situation. You should never allow your situations to determine your outcome. It is up to you to take your mind off of your problems to remember the promises of Christ unto you. The Occupy participants on Wall Street and other major streets and cities continue to show their support in whom and what they feel and believe. They continue to hold strong and trust what they know is right and what is wrong; and in spite of the abuse, misunderstandings and imprisonments, the participants are stronger, jubilant, and supportive of one another and growing stronger in numbers and within. To occupy Christ means to receive Him in the fullest and stand with and for Him no matter what or who fails to maintain that mindset or standard of belief.

You should not care about who did not, who do not, nor who want not to Occupy Christ in their lives, it does not set the standards for the remnant that yet believes, lives, trust, and stand as a participant saying that Christ is yet the way, to make the way, and change bringing us through it all. It is an inward witness that have you looking upward declaring an outward expression to the world that Christ is King, Lord, Savior, Healer, Deliverer, Protector, Provider, Lover, Friend and everything else that you need Him to be, at such a time as this. Occupy the Lord Jesus Christ and stand for Him in the midst of a world where He has been forsaken and forgotten. There is nothing significant that most would say about Christ today and those of us who know better regardless of the many scandals, shortcomings, and ridicules that are presented, have failed to do better.
You must Occupy Christ regardless and in the midst of your circumstances, attacks, misunderstandings, lack, confusion and every fiery dart that the enemy should throw your way. You have a responsibility unto the Lord and the Body of Christ to do so. There is an inner witness and strength that you have and your opponent can not or will ever be able to overtake you at any given time. You must know who you are and whose you are and trust that. Your confidence in yourself knowing who lies within you will always give you the push, encouragement and assistance that you need to occupy and be sustained. Your situation is not greater than the Greater One who is your Christ and who is more than able to make you leap far and above the misery, fear, doubt and unbelief and just knowing that the outcome is always rewarding.

Let the revolution start with and within you, as you let the world and those around you know, as well as letting them see that you are a true believer and no matter what have taken place in the Body of Christ, your life and the world, that you are a true Occupier and will Occupy Christ until He comes, as He has asked you too. Take on this mindset, that whatever it is or have come to harass, stop, hinder or to have you to deviate from your purpose, plans or destiny, will not succeed, for you have chosen to Occupy Christ and stand for His holiness and righteousness, no matter what. You will receive the answers, solutions, peace and the victories every time you chose to occupy Christ. There is no better decision in life that you could make to obtain and maintain the things you need and desire. You are definitely on the winning team and winning-OCCUPY CHRIST NOW!

A songwriter, poet, author and founder of All That God Is International Outreach Centers, Inc. Three daughters one is a Prophetess, another is a Senior Pastor and the other is a Teacher/Pastor. Five talented grandchildren and one who is an 18 year old minister. Extremely love the Lord and His people

Article Source: http://www.faithwriters.comCHRISTIAN WRITER

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