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One True God

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By Richard Burroughs

Is. 45:20-25 There is one and only one God! Those who pray to other gods are praying to a dead stick that cannot answer. Many in our day say that it does not matter what religion you are that all religions and paths lead to the same place. That is a flat out lie from the devil. But in a sense I guess they are right, all so called religions, apart from salvation through Jesus, do lead to the same place, but it is not heaven. There is only one God and there is only salvation through one man and that is Jesus! Acts 4:12

Ro. 1:18-23 Nobody has a good excuse for not trusting the One True God. In foolishness people worship little statues or figurines they could buy at any nickel and dime store.

Jer. 10:1-16 The gods that men create from wood or gold or silver are just that; dead wood, shiny gold, or polished silver. No matter how fancy or breath taking beautiful, they are dead, they cannot speak, they cannot walk, they have to be carried, in judgments fire, they become nothing but ashes. You cannot mix their teachings with those of Christ and think it is Christian; it is nothing but nonsense, a bunch of lies. Those who profess Christ yet say, “Oh, it doesn’t matter what religion you are” they are cream puff Christians, wimps in the face of rejection. They have no knowledge of the Word, they don’t want to offend anybody, so they don’t speak the truth that Christ taught when He said I am the way that leads to God the Father, there is no other course available. John 14:6

John 10:7-10 Jesus is the door, he calls and his sheep hear and respond, others are thieves and robbers, they are out for nothing but to steal the sheep, but His sheep don’t hear the voice of others! They listen to Him ONLY!

I am a young minister who loves the truth of God’s Word. This is an essay I first wrote for my Research Methods course early in July 2009.


Article Source: http://www.faithwriters.comCHRISTIAN WRITERSMAKE A WEBSITE

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