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By Richard L. Provencher

The steeple nudges above tree tops

their foliage moved aside as God’s finger

points the way to Truths
Love and Forgiveness
lights sparkle like diamonds
from lamp poles
sprinkled below the hill
their destiny
to highlight children
adults and other members
of families
asleep within the castles
of their inheritance.

The sky is filled
with radiant colours
stretching as redeeming fire
and Peace captures
the silence of God’s voice.

2009 Richard L. Provencher

SOMEONES SON by Richard & Esther Provencher is about Sheldon, man of the house since dad left. Now he’s back. Sheldon worries about the effect on Larry, a neighbor who has been a surrogate father. This Young Adult novel deals with relationships. http://www.synergebooks.com/ebook_someonesson.html

Article Source: http://www.faithwriters.com <a href=”http://www.faithwriters.com”>CHRISTIAN WRITERS</a>


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