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Power In Spoken Words

By Oge Maduka

Most people unfortunately do not know that the spoken word is the most powerful weapon in the world. You have the undisputable right as child of God to use this weapon positively against every situation in your life. Jer.23:29 says; “Is not my word as a fire? Saith the lord, and like a hammer that breaketh the rock in pieces. The rock here represents every challenge in our lives, which may be in our careers, finances, relationships, health, addictions, fears etc. But because there is power in the word of God and God has said he will make His word in your mouth like fire and like a hammer, it means that you have the power to decree a thing and it shall come to pass. It is now left for us to believe and positively exercise the right that has been given to us as children of God.

I am very mindful of the word positive, because the power of the spoken word can easily be applied negatively. So we should be mindful of the things we say concerning our lives or our loved ones. Since the bible tells us that the tongue has the power to bless and the power to curse. So if you are fond of saying that nothing good ever comes your way or that you will never make it in life, based on what God says about our utterances, the probability of you, ever making it will be so slim. Except if a miracle happens or you begin to confess positive things about your self and every thing about you. Once you believe in your confessions whether negative or positive they will surely come to pass.

Also, if you have the habit of always calling your child daft, idiotic, sheepish, chicken brains, useless etc, the effect is that after a while all the negative words will begin to sink in his subconscious and the corresponding outcome is that sooner or later the child may start manifesting the characteristics of a “useless” person or start behaving sheepishly. You have put in him that he is nothing so he sees himself as nothing, simply because you chose to decree curses on him instead of pronouncing blessings upon his life. Thereby applying your right negatively.

God has promised that if we have faith as little as a mustard seed we can move mountains. And that he will grant us our good heart desires. If only we believe. He loves it when we challenge him with our faith through our spoken words. So it is time to stop complaining and divert the energy into confessing goodness, healing, abundance, promotions and multiple breakthroughs in very department of our lives even when our present circumstance don’t agree. Keep confessing positively until the heavens are so saturated that rains of blessings will begin to pour heavily on you. Plead your cause before God, and remind Him of every promise he has made concerning your situation in the Bible. keep praying and believing until you get an answer.

God is not moved by our complaints but by our utterances of faith. We must move the hand of God toward us with our positive spoken words!


Oge Maduka is a Christain and a Lawyer based in Nigeria who loves to write as a means of evangelism whenever the opportunity calls for it. She is happily married and blessed with four lovely children. Email: ogemaduk@yahoo.com

Article Source: http://www.faithwriters.comCHRISTIAN WRITERSMAKE A WEBSITE

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