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Reiki – Satan Masquerading As An Angel of Light

By Pamela Couvrette

Alternative medicine has, for the most part, become mainstream. Therefore, confusion over what is acceptable in the eyes of God, increases. In the Old Testament, God warned Abraham not to participate in pagan practices of the land he was going into. In these times, the pagan practices have come to us.

My entrance into the occult began with reiki under the innocuous title of “alternative medicine”. I have participated in many occult practices, but nothing manifested demonic activity more than reiki. This practice has become acceptable to many Christians and it is in this vein that I must write and warn.

Here is my story.

I had just come out of atheism and I was getting my feet wet with agnosticism and the New Age movement. The idea of “synchronicity” was being bandied about in various circles, and it was attractive to me. The idea that the Universe crafted events to occur in my life specifically for me was seductive.

I was experiencing chronic pain and I was on a search for healing. One afternoon while walking through a mall, I spotted a woman working in a kiosk and reading James Redfield’s book, The Celestine Prophecy. I had just finished that book! I identified this moment as a synchronous event that the author spoke of. I went up to her and we gushed about the book. I eventually said goodbye and continued on my way. She mentioned she had a sore throat so I went into a health food store to get her some tea. Beside the tea were brochures for an alternative healing technique called reiki. I was looking for healing! This must be another synchronous event! Up to that point I had never participated in anything alternative.

That week, I began chiropractic treatments and I was very early on my first day. I looked across the street for a place to kill some time in and guess what I saw? A reiki centre. I think it was actually called “The Reiki Centre”. Back in 1995 in north Toronto, this establishment was very rare. Again with the synchronicity. I was convinced. I signed up for the next workshop not to be a client, but to become a practitioner.

I began my journey. One night we brought in pictures of someone who needed healing which were then handed out randomly. As we performed our distant healing (the person didn’t need to be in the room), we needed to write down whatever came into our mind for the healing energy to “ground”. These were thoughts and images of the person. Next we read aloud what we had written. The practitioners were spot on as they spoke about these people they had never met. I had many pages of either fantasy and fiction or imparted words of accuracy. I had no idea which it would be.

After reading my words aloud, it was instantly verified by a women I never met. In my mind I saw a woman in a psychiatric institution and commented specifically on her hair. I saw a couple of boys sailing. I saw enough to fill many pages most of which I don’t remember as this occurred around 1995. My thoughts were verified as this woman was in a psychiatric institution for Trichotillomania (the irrisistable urge to pull out hair), and she had been sailing with her nephews. As the confirmations continued I grew confident that I had tapped into true power and the truth.

This practice is often described as a hands on healing technique which transfers universal life force energy to promote healing and restoration. To the undiscerning, this description makes it appear just a step away from common forms of physical therapy. What is not often known, is there are initiations (mine was in a storage room within the backroom of The Reiki Centre, which was also a bookstore). In addition, we are taught secret hand movements and symbols which are used to give power to the healing energy.This practice uses secret or hidden knowledge the very definition of occult. This universal energy was referred to as “thoughtforms”, which is what allowed us to have the psychic impressions.

In other words, we allowed demons to enter us.

At the time I was living with my parents while attending university. I noticed my room was about 5 degrees colder than the rest of the house. I started feeling touches on my arms, and I saw objects move independent of human contact. This all freaked me out, but my Reiki Masters told me they were my spirit guides who were just letting me know they were there. They then told me that if I got scared, I could call on Archangel Michael and he would take away the bad spirits. I was a bit confused as to who were the good guys and who were the bad guys, but I was a novice, what did I know?

One night, I told a spirit to leave my room. I then heard a whisper in the doorway say my name. “Pam!”. In my mother’s voice. It wasn’t my mother. Did it want an invitation back into my room? Now that I think about it, most people call me Pamela. This demon counterfeited my mother perfectly.

I felt breaths on my forehead every night when I went to bed. One night I decided to let the breath “ïn”. I don’t know how I knew to do that. I didn’t read about it anywhere. I also don’t know how this demonic energy “knew” how to enter me as I didn’t say anything out loud. I just relaxed and let this breath in. I instantly felt swirling inside of me and fell asleep. I woke up in the middle of the night very dehydrated and nauseated. Was I on the brink of full demonic possession? I didn’t take this practice any further.

Regardless, I went on to my second level of reiki certification and pursued various New Age learnings and practices for another 5 years or so. I figured the scary parts were just part of the deal. Reiki was my gateway into everything occultic, leading eventually into witchcraft.

It is only by God’s mercy and grace that I am no longer deceived and that I am able to warn about this today.

You can see how this “Christian” website defends reiki and twists theology and scripture to make it appear biblical. I only put it here as an example of what our sisters are being presented with. If there are questions or if you don’t see the aberrant viewpoints, please email me or ask your question in the comment section and I will be happy to respond.

These deceived people think Reiki is what Jesus used to heal people and is for the spiritual gift of healing. First, Jesus is God He doesn’t need a “technique” to heal. Second, if spiritual gifts come at conversion, how did reiki start in Buddhism? If I had met a Christian participating in reiki, I would have welcomed them into the New Age Movement. Not vice versa I knew this wasn’t a Christian discipline.

I have heard people say, “I don’t experience anything demonic when I do it”. Sister, Satan is a con man. He’s not going to scare the daylights out of you or you will repent and stop what you are doing. I think I had the manifestations because I was a practitioner and I was directly channeling demons. Also, I didn’t know my Savior who was I going to go running to? I didn’t know I was on the wrong side.

I should mention that I do believe God still heals today. I do not deny the existence of miracles. My conversion was a miracle. However, I do see this obsession with healing as concerning. The deception makes us focus on ourself on our comfort and desire to escape pain and achieve health. We will never be fully healed this side of heaven. We need saving. There is such a focus on healing in the occult energy medicine, crystal healing, chakra healing, feng shui, hypnosisthe list is long. It’s no wonder why aberrant church movements focus on healing so much (healing crusades, health and wealth gospel, affirmations, etc).

I pray that God reveals the truth behind this deception and frees the captives. This is a very dangerous practice. If you know of a sister involved in reiki, please pray and warn her!


As a former atheist and New Ager, Pamela is passionate about writing for the defense of the Christian faith and truth in the areas of apologetics, discernment, and rightly dividing the word of truth. Visit her at http://www.GuardingTheDeposit.com

Article Source: http://www.faithwriters.comCHRISTIAN WRITER

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